Please help me interpret my 3-card relationship spread.

  • As last time, new relationship, but getting a bit more established now. Going very well, I think. (Last time I talked to tarot it gave me The Lovers for us - yay!). I would like help seeing the "big picture" of my latest spread.

    My 3-card spread went like this:

    How he's viewing me lately: Nine of Coins.

    What his current intentions with us for the near future are: The Hermit

    The fate of our relationship: The World

    Also, I got very excited about pulling The World so I asked tarot what I could do, to do my part to ensure The World outcome. I pulled and it said Page of Swords.

    Thank you for your assistance and opinions!

  • 9 of coins = Enjoying what you have earned! He must feel as if he has done the work to deserve you! He has earned the right through hard work to be with you.

    The Hermit for intentions for the near future = first impression was the thought of the two of you secluded from outside distractions. A planning stage, taking time alone to enjoy and get to know each other intimately.

    The World = A return to from where you came: The light of love. An all encompassing exprerience. Anything is possible when the two of you are together. Joy, Rapture.

    Page of swords = ease his thoughts when they become too dark or heavy, always be fair and honest, and talk with him, clear up any doubts, show him you can be trusted.

    Hope this helps.

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