The Best Way Out is Through... (Escapist Tendencies)

  • Everything is about to be revealed! It's official. Mercury is in Scorpio and none of your secrets are safe. As an honest and up front person, I love this season. This is a time for deep conversations, revelations, asking important questions, and uncovering hidden meanings.

    While I enjoy this confrontational time, many others don't. Lots of people out there start to itch and squirm when asked to face their life and consider their problems. One, it's important to know that you're not alone in this. Two, this may not be entirely within your control... this has a lot to do with that tricky, sneaky son of a gun... Neptune.

    Depending on where Neptune is in your natal chart, or if you're having a nasty Neptune transit, you may have a great deal of unhealthy escapist tendencies.

    As someone with my Neptune in Capricorn, I have to work harder than most to set clear, attainable goals for myself, but I'm able to confront my thoughts, whether they're positive or negative.

    Where does Neptune fall in your Natal chart? How will it affect you during Mercury in Scorpio?

  • I really hope this "secrets are out!" phase applies to politics. There are some very bad people in charge (everywhere) who need to be revealed as the corrupt people they are.

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