• This relationship is better for love than for friendship - you would not really be very good at being just friends, so it's all or nothing. The focus of this relationship is about new beginnings. You two may meet after a previous relationship with each other has failed, and older and wiser, you may well decide to give it another try. Or you may equally meet in your younger years, when the relationship might represent a first serious attempt to explore a specific area, such as marriage or career. Whatever the case, both of you will have felt a sparkle, a vivacity, a new hope that the relationship will move in the right direction, justifying the expenditure of time and energy. Assuming that you are both strongly enough attracted to each other, the chances for a love affair and marriage are generally good. Your partner is often wary of people like you, who get and demand so much attention from others, but beneath that distrust, can lurk a secret admiration. You may have appeared too busy to take the time to notice or get to know such a very private individual, but his enchantment will draw you like a magnet. With you pursuing your expansive goals and him grounding you in a happy and comforting domestic situation, the relationship can prove rewarding and successful. Care will have to be taken, however, that you do not dominate your more sensitive partner, depriving him of the opportunity to develop on his own.

    In love matters, TulipLilly, you can often feel boxed in when it comes to forming a close relationship. Your love of freedom can be a problem if your partner is the smothering or possessive sort. Until you can generate a sense of freedom and excitement from within, no matter how many times you change your partner or circumstances, you will sooner or later feel trapped. Your need for order and structure in your life can strongly conflict with your need for freedom and adventure. Thus, you will probably have many relationships, but once you finally find a partner you want to commit to, you are likely to fully commit to the relationship to make it work.

    Your partner must learn to rely more on other people and less on being so independent, and to ask for help when he needs it. Though he can be extremely charming, his extreme self-reliance will mean he needs large doses of solitude to formulate his plans and may seem as if he doesn't need you to comfort him. This can be difficult for you to understand and deal with, especially if you go for long periods without seeing him, so it is important for him to reassess his romantic priorities every now and again.

  • @thecaptain thanks captain! I feel like you got it down to a T! Lol
    Thanks for your insight! Do you see anything about us having any babies together? Just out of plain curiosity. Thanks captain!!

  • You should work out your issues first and creating an optimal environment before thinking about having a child.

  • @thecaptain I realize that mr.captain. I guess what I meant was. If we are able to create the optimal environment for kids. Is there a possibility, do you see us having them? If the conditions are right in the environment?

  • @tuliplilly - certainly!

  • @thecaptain thanks for your reading! I really appreciate it!! Your the best😀🌷!

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