Aries woman sag man

  • my sag man is loving and very confusing..... please let me know if aries & sag are compatible

  • umm hell in very very compatible. sag's need alot of space and im a women. so you can imagine that a man needs a whole lot more.

  • Aries women are most compatible with Leo's. I have recently met this sag guy also we are in the early stages of dating. But there seems to be alot of chemistry. Not the set the bed on fire kind of chemistry I had with my leo ex but its definitely there. Surprisingly communication with my sag guy is pretty easy. I am moving on but I am addicted to the high I had with my leo ex but so far so good with the sag I am seeing

  • I have never met a leo guy that I actually liked, and sag is supposed to really like leo too. Most of the leos guys iv met have been the cowardly lion types. aries on the other hand and this goes for the women too have a strength that I as a sag find very appealing. Sag can talk about ANYTHING in a "removed" sort of fashion, and Aries has always come off to me as being able to handle that. I dont know I just love you guys! and if I ever find the right aries man then my relationship will probably be in real trouble. Good luck zodiac! and as long as you take a loose reined approach : ) you should do fine.

  • Thats weird I have mostly had the opposite experience with Leo men. I don't know I probably shouldn't be dating now at all so ...

  • This post is deleted!

  • well you both are fire sign, you probably see a lot of qualities in him as in yourself. I find Sag man fun to be with but as friends, anything that requires commitment I don't see I can trust them. They are, however, adventurous. they like to try new things, maybe even new girls. and like a puppy they jump around actively form one activity to another. they can't stand argument or fights though, at least with me. because they are actually a peaceful soul inside, not much anger inside. even if they do get angry, you can still expect cold headed verbal fights and they can withdraw for the sake of peace or if proven they are wrong. the females I find they are to some degree almost like the males. also I find aries woman just like that, only you might be more ready for verbal fights and stubborn than they are. if you love him, then go with the flow. they switch on to off easily and change plans in last minute. they are highly resilient, so change of plans won't bother them much, they will go it with what they have at the time and not troubled with preparing ahead. not sure if you can handle this, but that's the fun side of them. suggest doing silly or crazy things together, I'm sure he won't say no. your s ex life is probably great if you do this because he won't find you boring or too tight. wish you luck!


  • Saggi and aries.. lot of fire...The combos I know haven't worked that well I m sorry to say!! Yes Aries and Leo work better. Saggis make great friends but I wouldn't trust them to keep their word for they often (in their blind optimistic fits) promise more than they're willing to deliver. Saggis are known to carry loads of pending tasks for they're not detail lovers and hop from things to things in want of stimulation and excitement. afraid saggitarian males are not!!!

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