Pisces & Scorpio new relationship

  • I am very stressed. This Scorpio chased me back and forth for my number a couple months. Finally we started talking on the phone and things went crazy. He turned very angry. I don't know how to respond correctly and instead got mad back. He's come out with me twice past two weekends except recent one. Has blocked me several times. But we've managed contact everyday until today his phone seems to be off. Idk where he is but I don't know if I should back off and hope he'll contact me again. I tell myself he's the one who was always pursuing me at first so if he really wants me he'll come for me but I can't stop myself from contacting him. Me Pisces 03/08/1983 him Scorpio 11/18/1987. I don't know what to do. I had way too many high hopes for this & I just feel scared. We haven't been very nice to each other in texts but when we are around each other we have s good time. I was really hoping he'd be the one I'd have a relationship with. I have not had one since I was 20 and he hasn't really ever had one.

  • @zenyastorm I forgot to add I usually have to be the one to text to get a response. He texts and calls on the days he's heading out with me but doesn't really initiate it the rest of the days.

  • @zenyastorm
    You are right to be afraid. Ignore that magnetism that goes into overdrive when you two are together. Understand that a strong attraction is not always a sign of compatibility. It just is a strong attraction. That is not enough. Be careful, he is is dominating and insecure and you are a gentle soul. He is dominating you by keeping you off balance. Do not try to make sense of his illogical behavior. That's a way of draining your power. It will always upset you to behave in anger and not being nice BUT it does not chip away at him at all. Your first line says it all....you are very stressed......you can not expect to be happy or in personal power if you are stressed out. This is not healthy for you. . Use your head at all times when in a standoff with a Scorpio. There is a reason he has not maintained a relationship. You are in over your head. Learn from it and move on. You will meet men like him again and learn when to trust your head over magnetism. There is a higher knowing in you that resisted his initial chase. That was the healthy part of you. Scorpios can be very very insistent and powerful when getting what they want. If you read your own post without emotion you will see clarity. In your own words you say the moment you gave in and gave him your number things went crazy. Crazy is as crazy does. When some one shows you who they are ...believe them. Continue on with this man and crazy will only get amped up in ways a gentle soul like you could not imagine. Take care of yourself. You deserve to be loved and it will come. He's offering you a lesson. Take it and run. I see another man about to enter your life and he will be on the quiet side. Not as flashy as a magnetic Scorpio but more suited to your gentle nature. December will be a very happy time for love. You will miss him if you are too caught up in this drama. Keep your senses fine tuned for this new man who doesn't stand out but is very safe and interested. BLESSINGS!

  • This is turning into an extremely dangerous situation - and you are allowing it. This can be a complex matchup as you are both very emotional people and you both like to escape the real world often. This man can be very sexy and charming, but he doesn't like for anyone to become too dependent on him, and you can be extremely needy. And yet he also needs to control his partner, which you are meeting with little resistance. Emotional manipulation can be quite common here in both a love affair and marriage. The fine art of persuasion can reach a high level of sophistication, often manifesting as a series of compromises, trade-offs, mildly coercive acts and other clever stratagems, which guarantee that each partner will get their way a sufficient enough part of the time to go on for years. These maneuverings are not necessarily serious and may even be quite playful in character. Withholding sexual favours or limiting them in certain respects are also possibilities. The two of you are likely to stick together over the years. But you must ensure you don't let this guy manipulate you through your neediness - you have to retain some control and independence (without alienating him in the process) if this is to work. You must stand up to him and show him that you won't be pushed around or else the relationship will become one of those awful ones where one person is totally dominated and cut off from life and friends and family. Though a break-up can be extremely painful, you must consider it if you feel you cannot withstand this man's controlling, suspicious and manipulative behaviour. He also has problems being decisive which explains why he is so back-and-forth with you. He will continue to desire freedom, adventure and expansion for another three years before he starts to settle down more, so you would have to accept this uncertain state of affairs until then. Still, this man can be fun, sexy, entertaining, responsive, and romantic as long as you give him plenty of attention and affection. But if the reassurance he needs isn’t given, he can lapse into attention-seeking behaviour and temperamental mood swings. You must go into this with your eyes wide open to reality and not retreat into some romantic fantasy of love. You yourself crave intimacy but can have problems with it as you tend to be a bit of a loner. You can be passionate but are afraid of losing control, and for your relationships to be fulfilling, you need to learn to be more spontaneous and to let go of control once in a while. Trust must be built in this relationship if either of you is to move forward together in a positive way. Please do not rush into anything here - take the time to grow your trust and understanding of each other before taking a deeper plunge. Think long and hard and practically.

  • Thanks for both responses.

    He hasn't answered any of my texts in past couple days. I'm really upset about it. I don't know if he'll talk to me again. Our texts were always arguing back and forth.

  • And you think this arguing back and forth is the sign of a healthy relationship? Or do you think any contact is good contact?

  • Idk what to think with this. I'm drowning in it. He starts answering the phone yesterday yells at me then puts the phone down the whole time. ryenturns his phone off again. I am emotionally a wreck by this. He won't answer any texts or calls today.

  • @thecaptain basically I honestly believe I just want contact. idk. He's been clear he didn't want a relationship with me and I tried changing his mind. Last time he left my house he blocked my phone. We never kissed. Like ever. I quit my job cause I worked with him there and now I'm depressed. He quit the job awhile ago cause he said he was trying to get away from me. Idky since I never even talked to him at work cause I'm not 17 yes old and don't want to be flirting with my lover when I being paid to work but now I'm a nutcase and my job is dealing with my back and forth. Quitting and Not quitting. Then my sister is trying to get me to move out west with her. Basically I'm sitting on my couch paralyzed by indecision. I text this guy day and night any idea pops in my head I'm texting him. Yesterday he answer the phone first he yells at me calls me a stupid butch and I just hang up then call back and he puts the phone down then says hello I don't answer. There are on million thoughts going through my head. I really liked my life when it was just me going to work and paying my bills. Not all this mess. Now a guy gets in my life and all hell breaks loose. I stop eating and start being impulsive. I lost 40 lbs. my job put me on night shift and I think the change in my hours has really mentally messed me up. I use to have my mother living with me she passed away on Christmas I took care of her onnhospice. I had her to keep me grounded and stable. Now it's just me by myself and my sister and brother are out west. I haven't had nightmares since my mom was dying and now Inhave them again. I literally have no one to fall back on my grandmother is gone too. Her and my mother were the only ones who could keep my head straight and feet on the ground. My sister is more of the one who says what it to do for me. When things didn't work out with a guy no matter what I was still forced to keep going. If I finback to my old job I can't trust myself that I won't up and disappear again. My sister said make a decision and stick with it. I really hope the near future things change for the better because I'm about to just fold over. I mean I thought the work I did all these years was to get me at the place I am today but I guess the road is still going. I was hoping by Christmas I could spend it with someone special. I'm sorry so long and no paragraph. I need to release my mind and talk to someone and I'm tired.

  • Can I just pause from this situation and focus on other areas of my life? I'm worried if I let it be for now I'll miss out on something. This dude has no job, lives with his mother and does not drive. I don't know what to say but I got to get my feet planted somewhere. I'm so ready to run.

    I live on my own I have my license but no car. I got to get my stuff together.

  • Well he changed his number or didn't pay his bill so. That's that.

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