How Does Air Affect You?

  • While we're in the midst of an Airy season, I thought I'd check and see who out there has an Air element in their chart! How do Air signs affect you?

    As a Libra Rising, I'm an incredibly social person who loves spending time with big groups of people. When a lot of people get together, no matter how close or similar they are, disagreements, fight, and tense moments are bound to happen.

    I always feel responsible for smoothing the social energy and clearing any combativeness from the air. If I see tensions flare, I'll always try to put the fire out. Sometimes this is by jumping in with my calm demeanor, but more often than not it's by interrupting the moment by being a distraction... usually by becoming the center of attention in some embarrassing way (Sun in Aries).

    How do Air Sign traits play a role in your day to day?

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