Would appreciate your answer to my yes-or-no health related question.

  • Hi everyone.
    Could you please help me to understand about my issue.
    Can my bad habit of face skin picking cause right breast, back and chest pain?

  • @marishkaa said in Would appreciate your answer to my yes-or-no health related question.:

    Hi everyone.
    Could you please help me to understand about my issue.
    Can my bad habit of face skin picking cause right breast, back and chest pain?

    Hello Harishakaa,
    I am by no means a doctor, so I cannot diagnose if your habit is totally related to your signs and symptoms, but I would highly encourage you to seek medical advice as soon as possible. Have you had a medical checkup already? How did the doctor say about your heart? Is there anything abnormal in any reading/ examination? After all, I do not think card reading (and other occult tools) can replace medical diagnostic tools.
    Bless you and wish you all the best.

  • @black-hatter-w thank you for you reply.
    Yes, i have discussed this problem with doctors, they say nothing particular. Probably it is neuralgia. This has been an ongoing problem for me, for maybe 10 months. This nagging pain comes and goes. Ekg , heart ultrasound is ok, though i have high heartbeat.

  • I don't feel the face picking has caused the breast, back and chest issues but is just another manifested symptom, along with the pain, of all your anxiety and self-doubts.

  • @thecaptain Hello, i just thought that maybe when i do this, my nerve gets trapped somehow. About 1.5 year ago i was diagnosed with a lung condition (benign ) - i have lots of enlarged lymph nodes in mediastinal area. To get a diagnose they had to get out my right supraclavicular lymph node. And i also had a breast surgery to get rid of a lump in my breasts (it was there for many years). The lump in my right breast was larger and sometimes i felt pain. And no i have this chest, breast pain more to the right side. ( Maybe something has changed in my body, the alignment of nerves and so on. And of course stress just makes it worse.
    And i also can't understand if i have this pain as i was very afraid when they found my nodes, and now these are the consequences of this stress i felt 1.5 year ago. Or maybe my condition causes it, i read on forums that some people with the same problem have chest pain, but it is not clear if it is related.

  • @marishkaa, your physical health is dependent upon how you feel inside, how you see yourself and your life. The inner life always reflects the outer life and vice versa. Lung problems are all about fear and an inability to handle life, breathing shallowly and not deeply enough, feeling not worthy of living fully. Lymph problems are a warning that your mind needs to be re-centred on the essentials of life - love and joy, and not fear and self-loathing and hopelessness. Breast issues are all about how you feel as a woman, about nurturing yourself and about mothering. Your back represents the very foundation and support of life and, if it is in pain, it is because you feel that life will not support you. This is the message your body and soul are sending you. All this indicates your fear of life, the fear that you are a failure and unworthy, and that you really don't like or love or trust yourself very much. Self-loathing starts with other people making us feel bad but, if we choose to perpetuate these wrong beliefs, we are not showing ourselves the self-love and self-respect we deserve. When you improve the way you feel about yourself and change your life into something you can love, your health issues will vanish. How about making a list of all the ways you want to change yourself and your life and trying to work through the list one item at a time? Some of your fears will only be faced and conquered by actually doing them. You may have to begin with the fear of change.

  • not specifically but may be psychosomatic. had similar issues growing up when I was under an immense amount of stress, had a bit of trichotillomania but also extreme stomach problems with the root issue being stress.

  • Thank you much , TheCaptain, you wrote so truly about what i feel, what i think about myself. I have always had hope before but now I don't know. Good idea about the list and so true about the fear of change. Thank you for your patience.

  • @nayz0rz yes, i usually do it when i am nervous or very emotional (even when i have positive emotions).

  • @marishkaa
    I've followed your post awhile. I have been waiting for the healing words to come that will help you. Your issue is not an easy fix and one that exists outside your consciousness. Anything that goes on outside our awareness takes work to bring to the light. It sounds like you are ready to make that mind body spirit connection. Yes it is REAL. As a child you set up a happy protective space for yourself that required you to detach from your body. Both emotionally and physically. At the time it was a survival choice that served you and pretty much ran without intentional thought, a silent habit that disappeared into your shadow side. We all have a shadow side that hopefully gets smaller as we progress. Unfortunately, we don't leave that habit with our childhood. Even though as an adult we have the free will to make our own safety choices, many of us just do not notice our shadow habit of disconnect. By shutting down pain or discomfort as a child we eventually numb signals that keep us healthy adults. Our all knowing bodies do send us signals to keep us safe and healthy. So does our intuition and THAT can be dimmed. They way out of this takes consistent work to constantly check in with yourself...how are you feeling. Feel every muscle. You will be surprised to realize how many of us clench at least one consistent spot in our body that has a domino affect that ends up manifesting in many places. If this was not enough to cause havoc many of us escalated our childhood safety place by creating distractions that shielded the emotional assaults we could not deal with. We actually felt physical pain was worth escape from emotional pain. It is very hard to think of anything else when in pain. Marishkaa, it is my prayer for you....a light goes on in your shadow side and all the information you need will come to you. I also see that you spend too much time locked in your head. Being in your head as a quiet place is very healthy but for you it's as if you get sucked into a cyclone of ominous thoughts and then you snap out of it like "wo why do I go down that dark road like that?" Try and stay outside in nature more. When you get into those deep deep internal cyclones it's time to get outside. Anywhere, even if it's a ride to the store. Deep internal detachment will always be with you but it can be your gift. Having control over it is the GRACE you seek. Great creations and spiritual connections are born of deep detachment. One is a controlled meditative state that RECEIVES. The unhealthy one invites pain and fearful thoughts. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon thank you very much for your answer. Yes, too much time in my head with my thoughts, sometimes quite depressive. But what i have noticed is that when i am walking or lying i feel better (and my thoughts are usually better), and i feel very anxious when i am in silence and alone at my home.
    Deep inside i just really afraid to go mad. Probably this fear stems from one prediction i was given years ago about the future of my mental health.

  • @marishkaa
    If you were given ANY prediction by a psychic that is causing you unhealthy thoughts you must decide it was not a good reading! A reading should never leave you feeling bad! Spirit just does NOT do that. Even if we do have some difficulties ahead Spirit ONLY gives you what you need to positively walk through any hard times in a healthy stronger way. I had a reading once that predicted I would get cancer if I didn't seek Reiki therapy quick. She even suggested I may already have cancer! I felt awful leaving her reading and had gone with a friend so just went along with her because my friend chose her. That was over twenty five years ago and no cancer! Later I noticed on a flyer that she also practiced at a Reiki business! She had no business giving psychic readings! She gave other bad predictions as well and had a very harsh tone. Not all psychics are good. If you do not feel a healing exchange after a reading do not go back. I had a very good psychic for ten years in my younger days, long before I learned how to be a good psychic myself. I learned from that event. You have a choice to choose not to dwell on a bad seed planted!

  • @blmoon thank you very much for sharing this! I have never thought about it in this way.

  • I don’t think it’s related, but it could be psychosomatic problems. Why are you picking your face? If you have acne, try treating it first, stop picking your face and see if you feel better. I had something similar when I hurt my knee. It seemed to me that the rest of the joints also hurt, and when I used https://renasorganic.com/products/cbd-1000-mg-pain-relief-cream/ to relieve knee pain, it turned out that everything else is psychosomatics.

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  • Thanks everyone for help

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