Insight on Hagall spread

  • Hi, I desperately need some assistance interpreting this Hagall spread I did. I'm still learning Tarot, and while I have a good grasp of the basics, I would like to see how my interpretation of this reading is compared to others.

    The question is, "How do I truly stop all these fights with my significant other?" (I omitted their name for privacy).

    Background... Recently got out of a 5 year relationship, very strong ups and downs, but we're still living together due to circumstances. I want to make things better... but for the past 4 years almost every week like clockwork we fight, and both of us feel awful. It's like we can't see eye to eye in these times, and often it's because of me that they start, I get very low self esteem and she's dealing with too much physical/emotional pain of her own to be supportive, yet I expect too much of her and we fight about it. I want to end this cycle... But we just keep going back into this circle, and I can't seem to stop myself from blowing up emotionally over what later seems very trivial. I was hoping I could glean some insight from this Tarot spread.

    Core/Central Issue: The Lovers
    Bottom (Something I did): Eight of Cups, reversed
    Bottom Left (Beliefs, expectations): The High Priestess, reversed
    Bottom Right (Most likely outcome): The Fool
    Upper Left (Spiritual History): Judgement
    Top (Spiritual Challenge): Two of Pentacles
    Upper Right (Spiritual Change): Nine of Wands
    Lower Section Left (Qualities that will sustain me): The Hermit, reversed
    Lower Section Middle (Qualities I express): The Hierophant, reversed
    Lower Section Right (Qualities that will reveal knowledge): Page of Cups

    Thank you for any help, and your time.

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