I'm needing some advice on my relationship. Don't want to stay in a dead end relationship advice I'm a scorpio female 11/13\1982 he's libra 10\3\81

  • Can any1 help me about dealing with my partner and is it with his good intentions bein that he is the way he is thanks and appreciate advice[link text](~~

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  • This particular combination can be strong both professionally and interpersonally, because it can impart stability to the both of you. Your partner (who can be indecisive) should be able to take 'orders' (perhaps couched as requests or advice) from you Raidersbby, and you will have to be able to give effective leadership and direction to the relationship. This arrangement will usually obviate the problem of your partner's indecision, although you must be careful not to become too overbearing, for he also has a rebellious streak. The important thing here is that decisions must be fair and equitable, and that the best interests of the relationship are served. A love affair or marriage can coalesce around an easygoing, relaxed outlook that encourages a stable mixture of independence and responsibility. In such an environment, love and affection will flow easily. Should things get a bit too pleasant and relaxed, however, such relationships may become a means of escaping harsher realities. Both of you must beware of a tendency to isolate yourselves and to be overly protective. Also, you must beware of running away from your problems and try to keep in touch with what is going on in the relationship. Preserve equality as much as possible. Following these guidelines can help the relationship become stronger and better.

    However, you Raidersbby must avoid inflexibility, especially in your relationships. The ability to change your mind when necessary will be vital to your success in any sort of undertaking in life. Refusing to acknowledge alternative viewpoints or possibilities just blocks the possibility of change and progress. In love matters, you are often attracted to hardworking, determined and inspiring individuals like yourself who share similar beliefs. It would be healthier for you, however, if you chose a partner with a different set of beliefs or way of approaching life, as this would encourage you to be more open-minded and flexible. Once in a relationship, you can be devoted and affectionate, but you have a tendency to be insecure and suspicious of your partner. So try to let go of any overly possessive or paranoid attitudes. Your partner is often drawn to people with an adventurous streak and an inquisitive mind just like himself; but he also wants someone with whom he can build a secure and welcoming home. He can be extremely loving and giving as well as charming, but he needs to make sure he creates deep and strong rather than light, superficial connections with others.

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