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  • Soooo my Cancer man and I had been dating for 8 months then broke up about a month ago. We were arguing a lot the last month we were together so he told me the relationship had just ran it’s course and we needed to move on.. and I agreed. After that we were kind of upset at each other and didn’t talk for a day lol. I still wanted to have sex so I asked him about it and he was kind of hesitant but agreed. For the next couple of days he would text me randomly and tell me he loved me.
    About a week later a random guy who saw my relationship status had changed wanted to send me flowers and I had let him. I posted them on Social media and then I didn’t hear from my cancer the rest of the day. I called him and we talked about if we had someone else and he assured me there was no one else on his end and for a long time.
    Fast forward to a couple of days ago we finally had talked about why we broke up and why we’re not together. He brought up his last relationship and how they were together for 9 years and the girl cheated on him and when I posted the flowers he was wondering if I had been talking to this other guy while we were together so he feels like we need time for him to open up to me and give me his all again because he basically doesn’t trust me but he said he still loves me. He told me he had promised himself he was never going to allow someone in again after his last relationship but he let me in.
    My thing is how long will this process take!?! I’m a Scorpio and very impatient. We talk literally everyday almost all day unless he’s sleep and I love him dearly. It breaks my heart that his past relationship is still effecting him and I never know how he’s handling anything or if anything I do bothers him because he never says anything he just try’s to brush it off because he doesn’t want to feel hurt.
    How can I get him to feel comfortable and trust me again? 😞

  • @xoscorpio
    A random guy wanted to send you flowers and you let him? Then you posted it knowing the man you think you love will see it. What was your intention? It's as if you were done and over with him for you to switch gears that fast. You need to be honest about who you are. Scorpios admire honesty. Scorpios also tend to be jealous even if they prefer not to show it. If he posted pics of him sending flowers to a new random girl, how would you feel?This cancer is loyal to the max otherwise you would not risk the random flower guy. A part of you knows that. Unfortunately, for this man he has a pattern he repeats And he invites disrespect. Breaking up and yet wanting a sex partner is demeaning to him. This is not about judgement. You have a right to be who you really are. The issue that divides you two is you must own who you are. And he must own who he is. Loyalty and fidelity is important to him so if he wants that he should not compromise. He doesn't feel safe with you and you feed that. On a spiritual level you two could help each other grow but it will be a long haul. I really think you two would be a better match in the future. I think another Scorpio could teach you more about yourself and this man needs to stay single long enough to heal. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but it's what I see. This cancer is way too passive for the kind of women he attracts. He needs to understand how he attracts the lack of total commitment in a mate. And you are much more a free spirit in love and you play it safe. As I said, let yourself fall DEEP for another Scorpio. Both of you are attracted to the same safety issue. You may think it's just him but you are just as much "not all in". BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon thank you so much for the response! Totally makes sense I just hadn’t realized it. Definitely something to think about

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