The Best Pet for Your Zodiac Sign

  • Do you have a dog? A cat? An iguana maybe? The pet you choose says a lot about your personality and your energy.

    As an Aries, I'm always running around and will sometimes go a long time without going home. A smaller, sprightly dog that I could take with anywhere would be perfect... but right now I have an independent Maine Coon kitty cat who doesn't mind her solo afternoons one bit.

    You can also tell from how pretty and perfectly groomed she is that I'm a Libra rising. 😉

    Find out what kind of pet best fits your zodiac sign here! What kind of pets do you have? Do they match your zodiac sign and energy?

  • I have found that people who like dogs tend to be comfortable withe men more and those who like cats are more female/feminine-oriented.

  • @thecaptain
    Interesting Captain. I noticed the same thing about cat ladies! I also noticed most Aries females prefer low maintenance pets or none at all. The Aries women I know aren't into the whole nurturing thing. Being responsible for another is not their thing. They know themselves well and you have to respect that as they at least don't lie to themselves and blindly neglect another living thing, whether it be a human plant or pet. They prefer mates and children to buck up in their own behalf. That's not to say they are not compassionate. They just get anxious easily under any pressure to be responsible for anything helpless. I'd say Tauruses probably have the most pets but then again that is in general. Taurus females are nurturers although I've met some who either had a conflicted chart or a very damaging childhood and they were not able to care for anything including themselves. Not sure the whole pet by sign thing really has much weight. I'm a Taurus and can't live without least two. And I have always had fish including a Koi pond. My Spirit animal is the wolf so anything canine is my preference and I tend to be close to other pack lovers. In fact I tend not to trust anyone who does not like dogs. I do have cat lady friends. I definitely am not into caging birds! I love to feed them and enjoy them in the garden but it disturbs me to see birds in a cage. I love little finches and when I was younger I wanted to build a big atrium but thank God I out grew that idea. Animals respond to me outside and I've always had that gift to attract animals. Butterflys will land on me and say hello, as well as lizards, dragonflys, owls and hawks will greet me. I once went to a wolf preserve and the whole pack greeted me with a group howl. It could be a Taurus nature thing or my psychic energy and healing touch. In fact I think people's attractions towards animals is more a personal trait then astrological. HOWL HOWL!

  • I have always been a cat lady - they are independent and low maintenance but, If I had the room, i would love some dogs. We also feed wild birds that crowd into our yard and we love to watch them. I love all animals really, even snakes.

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