Tarot Helps Heal a Disappointed Heart

  • You know that feeling? When your heart hurts? I've been through a wide range of breakups and broken romantic connections, and experienced various degrees of heartbreak from a slight bruise to a full blown nuclear explosion.

    The hardest thing to deal with is the inability to control the situation. Whether it's still wanting to know how they feel or whether it's wanting to get a grip on your own thoughts and feelings, we all long for some kind of control and stability in those moments.

    The Tarot is perfect for heartache... Gaining a fresh perspective, getting advice, and looking forward is what the Tarot is all about and it's exactly what we're all craving in those moments when our hearts hurt the most.

    Our team knows how many members turn to Tarot to seek answers after a breakup, a broken love connection, or a hurtful rejection. So we have been working very hard on a BRAND NEW reading for you.

    Introducing the Heartbreak Tarot reading! If you've been wondering where things went wrong, how to put the pieces of your heart back together, and how to heal then this breakup Tarot spread is for you.

    Let us know how Tarot has helped heal your heart! Try the newest Heartbreak Tarot, and share your feedback with us.

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