anyone can help me with my relationship right about now...

  • im soo stuck in this unhealthy relationship. 4 years together and i have no idea where to start .... or end?? can anyone help with a reading

  • @bayli Birthday?

  • 11/03/1995

  • Also his bday is 9/18/1992

  • This relationship can be a bit problematic for love. Your partner may resent your dominance, and you in turn can find him manipulative, but all in all you can both be willing to pull together in a common effort. You will enjoy the mental stimulation offered by the relationship, and your partner will like its intense emotional involvement. As lovers, you can initially be swept away by passion, but your partner may begin to back off if he feels possessively claimed or controlled by you. If the relationship is sexually rewarding, this distancing will be a difficult and painful process. You may retaliate, but if you choose to fight, you will find your partner’s tongue sharp and may have to suffer in silence. Repression often sets up a vicious circle in which your blocked energy repeatedly summons up attacks from your partner. Marriage can work out better; both of you have nurturing tendencies that the synergy of your relationship intensifies, so that you will probably provide both your children and each other with a protective, caring environment. As parents, the two of you can make an effective business team or can successfully share a creative hobby or sport. Advice: Give vent to your feelings - don't hide or ignore them. Think constructively and take account of each other's wishes and needs. Balance your cash flow but don’t be stingy or spendthrift.

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