need advice on how to protect myself from others negative energy

  • any advice??? and or any kinds of crystals that would help?

  • @bayli I need help to protect myself from other people's negative energy

  • Visualization has become a well known and powerful tool that people can use to improve their lives in many ways, including physically blocking out negative energy. If you take a minute to imagine yourself impenetrable to negative energy (surrounded by a bubble of white light or a shield), your body will be able to block it out of your life. This can take some time to practice, but it is worth it to save yourself the trouble of dealing with outside negativity, and it’s really great how it works over time to protect you. If negative emotion and energy are flowing over you, take a few minutes to sit quietly in your own head and meditate. Block the negative thoughts and make room for the positive emotions and energy in your life. If you feel like you are becoming overwhelmed by yours or someone else's negative emotion or energy, then take a few minutes to regulate your breathing and reset your thoughts. Even put some distance between you and the negativity. Go outside, take a walk, eat lunch in your car: whatever you have to do to give yourself some space away from negative people or situations, do it. Just ensure before you go that it is actually someone else's negativity and not your own projected onto others. If it is yours, then you must deal with it and work through those emotions, but if it is someone else’s, you need to recognize that it’s not your burden to carry and let it go. Rather than try to correct someone who is being negative, remind yourself that you get to decide how to respond to that person and you don’t need to feed into their negativity. A lot of times, simply disarming them with a positive response will be enough to get them to sit up and pay attention to their own negativity, but it’s not your job to try to change them. However, when it comes to managing negative energy and negative people, sometimes you just have to put your foot down and say “no.”

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