Could anyone do me a reading, please?

  • Hi, I've recently had health related issues which I'm struggling to overcome and I would like to know what lies ahead. I'm ok, but the experience scared me and I badly need some words of comfort. Will I see the world with bright colors again? Thank you!

  • @alenabrz hello dear! Can I get your date of birth ? It helps me connect better to give a reading!

  • @Jodomi Hi, my dob is 9 November 1977. Thank you!

  • @alenabrz alright dear, I have been feeling lightheaded and pain in my head and in a strange place in my throat since I saw your first message, is this where you having health problems ? The pain in my head makes it hard to concentrate , as I imagine it would be making you feel as well and may be causing your sight to be bad as well. I am also getting cold chills and now a pain in my right ear and difficulty breathing , perhaps another part of what you are experiencing . I could see how all of this could cause you to be stressed and feeling as though things won’t get any better. You are currently stuck in this dark moment in your life , but I keep hearing that you need to “find the light” , I’m seeing a beach , perhaps somewhere you live nearby , perhaps you somewhere you long to visit- take that trip! In this time of darkness , you need to find things that make everything feel bright and happy again. I am seeing a picture of a family with a wife and husband and two kids . Not sure if this is your family or if you are thinking about them lately but it may be time to share how you feel with your loved ones ! I do see things going calm and happy in the future for you, so things will be alright! Last thing, do lavender flowers mean something to you or remind you of a loved one ? If not , I think spirit may be suggesting you to use lavender as a remedy to help you calm and sleep at night! Let me know if you have any questions! Love and light xxx

  • Hello @Jodomi, yes you are spot on about may pain and feelings, I've undergone a thyroidectomy due to a malignant tumor. It was supposed to be a simple procedure but I'm still not feeling well physically and it is stressing me out, too many annoying sensations in my throat, I have difficult breathing sometimes, and yes I feel lightheaded and have headaches because my hormones aren't balanced yet. I'm really feeling stuck and I want so much to feel better! I don't know what to say about the beach and the family you see, but it is true that I need to have some fun and feel happier. I have been having trouble to sleep, maybe the lavender is a cue? I feel relieved to know that this dark moment will pass. Will it take long? Will things get back to "normal" in the near future?

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • @alenabrz Yes, I had gotten the feeling it was going to pass quite soon! And lavender is a great thing for aiding with sleep! Try getting an essential oil with lavender or even tea to drink an hour before sleep, it should help greatly!

  • @Jodomi Thank you, that is nice to read. Really nice.

  • @alenabrz, in general, I feel you could be very sensitive to your surroundings and prone to allergies of all kinds, in particular hay fever. I feel you can also find it hard to deal with cigarette smoke and dust. Keeping away from smoky environments and heavy traffic, and making sure your house is regularly cleaned and bed linen is washed at least once a week, should help. As far as diet is concerned, you might also suffer at some point from food allergies and intolerances; if this is the case, checking with a nutritionist to determine the cause is advisable. Because you tend to over-stress, making sure you eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and a good night’s sleep will all help keep you grounded (which you need to find release from stress). Meditation and yoga are also recommended to help you ground. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding yourself with the colours white or silver will encourage you to be at rest and at peace.

  • Thank you @TheCaptain I'm trying to eat right and exercising. Sometimes I listen to guided meditation videos on youtube. I'm trying to be more positive.

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