Love and Relationships.

  • I am curious if anyone could help me out with some relationship concerns.
    I would like to really convey some messages about love. i am wanting to understand what love really means.
    I would love to release old energies that keep me stuck but keep hold of myself and try to be loving myself unconditional love and hope for the best for other people.
    I appreciate the love I recieve in return. I am open to the universe and its ways.
    I havent been on here in a while. So I thought id ask for some relationship advice towards myself. I would like to know if i can find what being in a partnership really means. I know i have been in some before and they have been meaningful to me. I appreciate their lessons.

    I would love to hear about anyones thoughts on this subject. I am looking to see what id like in a relationship. Sometimes that is hard to know.
    but sometimes it is easy. Also i have been on my own for two years now and i think i am getting a lot better understanding of myself but i appreciate the knowledge a partnership can bring to.
    Namaste Rebekkah.

  • Our other relationships reflect the relationship we have with ourselves. How much do you love yourself - or do you go through times of doubt and insecurity? Do you support yourself or do you nitpick? Are you committed to fully loving yourself or are you guilty of letting yourself down at times? Do you treat yourself and behave kindly to yourself? Do you really believe you deserve to be loved?

  • TheCaptain.
    I have been having some issues with loving myself I guess your right there. But at the same time i believe i am trying to believe in myself especially in the difficuilt times. I dont know but i try to treat myself with loving kindness.I think that is the best way sometimes. I love the word Nitpick dont you that's just interesting to see what that word means. I am guilty of letting myself down sometimes. I guess I have a few things to work on.
    I really appreciate your advice and help especially if you have any insights or thoughts.
    Namaste Bee

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