Relationship reading needed..

  • My dob: Nov 5th, 1984, the other: June 22nd, 1982

  • I feel this can work well for a long term love relationship. But it will be more practical than romantically based. This relationship is likely to emphasize building or organizing a structure, whether in a domestic space, at work or socially. Your emotional interactions would be such that an efficient physical setup for your activities must be established before either of you will feel deeply secure. Once the necessary structure is established, you can get down to the business of sharing yourselves with each other and revealing who you really are. Both of you are deeply private and you seem to need these imaginary boundaries in order to feel safe. You also need to each have your own private space if you live together. A friendship here would be less concerned with physical structure but will still function more smoothly in ordered situations - when schedules clearly indicate the time available for vacation, leisure, lunch and other possibilities for social interaction, for example. Most of your activities will be of a personal rather than a social kind, and you may well share a vocation. I would not say this is a full soulmate connection, but it can work well on a practical basis.

    You Cityg7 may rely on others for a sense of self-worth, but you will not be in control of your life if you do; the other person will be. You have sensitive and powerful emotions, and a part of you may fear that you will disappear in a close relationship. But when you find the right partner, giving love and sharing space with another human being can be a liberating and empowering experience for you. You are drawn to intelligent, honest and independent people, like yourself.

    Your love interest is also very sensitive and can very easily become disillusioned with love. There is a danger that they may remain unsatisfied because their romantic visions are too unrealistic or because the intensity of their emotions frightens off potential partners who feel they can not live up to the ideal personality projected on them. They can however be very affectionate once they feel safe in a relationship, though it might take quite a while for them to trust enough and relax, especially if they have been hurt in the past. If they don’t marry young, they may prefer to stay at home or build up a network of supportive friends instead.

  • Thank you!!

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