Hello. Everyone. (The captain) (Blmoon)

  • Hey guys I have noticed that things have changed here that's good. I am hoping to come by sometimes to check in on how people are doing.
    Blmoon/ The Captain.
    I haven't been on here in awhile so I thought id send people a message here. My soul has been torn apart recently and I thought I would just post a post here.
    I wanted to check in on everyone and see how people are doing. I am hopeful that i am healing though.
    I dont know what kind of post to make as it has been awhile so I just thought id try. i appreciate anyones thoughts or comments right now. i put the names above because id really like to here from you guys. when your not busy or have some spare time to even just say hi id appreciate that.
    Thanks and many Blessings Bee.

  • @rebeccaann So glad to have you here and hope that you get the positive energy you need from your fellow Forums members.

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    ie: @Blmoon @TheCaptain

  • Bee, your soul is quite intact and well. It is your heart that I feel needs mending. I feel that sometimes your expectations of people and situations might be a bit unrealistic at times. It will take time to heal, but you must never lose your faith in a positive future. We are living in testing times but all we can do is to keep our own integrity and live the best life and be the best people we can be, no matter what everyone else is doing. Even if other people are falling into corruption, you must hold your head high.

  • TheCaptain.
    Thankyou very much for that information. I appreciate that and yes my heart does need mending its has felt like it has been broken. I feel like it has been
    through a blender or something. I didn't realise it could be more my heart but I realise my mind is quite sore to from the chronic migranes I have been experiencing. I seem to have woundered if i have taken some kind of damadge to my left brain due to a spiritual event.
    I woundering if you could help me out with some intuition insights here because i am quite worried about this I am feeling like in a very fragile position right now but at the same time i do feel strength to.
    I would appreciate any help and adivce to the feelings im feeling. Thank you for connecting to me again TheCaptain.

    TarortcomAdmin I am great I appreciate that your responding. thankyou for telling me about the @ symbol i really appreciate this very much.

    Love and Light Namaste TheCaptain.
    From Bee

  • @rebeccaann I feel your main problem is the stress you put on yourself through feeling anxiety. You must learn how to relax and then your migraines will vanish.

  • Hey TheCaptain. Thanks very much. I appreciate that very much i think i do need to learn to relax abit more i guess im trying that now.
    I appreciate your message; Is there anything I can help you with or that you want any help with. I guess i thought id ask anyway.
    I do have great deal of anxiety right now especially about town centre around that area i guess im not use to that place right now. But im trying to get use to it.
    i am very greatful for your message, thankyou.
    Blessings Rebekkah

  • @rebeccaann what worries you about the town centre?

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