Finding my life path

  • I feel like I am supposed to be doing something more with my life. I can't seem to find the right direction on the path of my journey. I need guidance and don't know where to find it.

  • @miss-mischief hello dear I had a strange moment where I got a sudden chill when I saw your post, there is something Spirit is meaning to tell you! I am first seeing a beach . This could be where you are or want to be. This could also be Spirit telling you to take a moment to relax and enjoy what you have for the moment, things may be falling into place and you have yet to realize! I am also seeing a drum set, do you have an interest in music , is it a big part of your life ? You are in a time in your life where you are in between the process of changing from one stage to the next : you have finished the learning and training part and are now ready to apply those things you have learned into your life and find a job, now is the perfect time to begin finding your true self and finding what you truly love doing , as I have a feeling that you ended up doing something that you truly did not love to do and now feel stuck. I’m seeing a lot of designs , so I believe this is telling me to look more into your creative side and see whether there something that strikes your interest , as well as look in other places to keep your options open , it may be as simple as the place you live in that can make you feel this way! The last thing I see are purple irises, do these mean anything to you or do they remind you of a family member? Love and light xx

  • Miss Mischief, can you give me your date of birth so that I can tune into your vibes?

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