Are we meant to be? Pisces/Dragon Man Cancer/Monkey Woman

  • How do you know if its meant to be? When I first met this man, I instantly felt something there, we sa each other as friends on few occasions in between. But recently my partner (sagittarius), I & our kids had to up and move, and it was to Pisces man's house. Something told me that his house was the place to go, it felt right.

    We got to know each other over the past few weeks and have at times lived like he was my partner and father of my kids. Sagittarius partner was never home and when he was would retreat to the bedroom, leaving me out emotionally, this has been the way since I met him.

    We get along well, and I feel their is a connection, a connection that I have never felt before. I know he knows their is something their for me too, as it's the things he does or says to me. His dog (also Picses) has even attached himself to me, we are taking his dog as Picses man is not allowed to keep dogs.

    I am moving interstate and as time grew closer to my leaving date, things went all downhill. I have only have 4 days left and feel lost now.

    One minute he would push me away and the next reel me back in. But now it's gotten to the point where we are only texting each other and the texts are only formal. We had a falling out and I have seen him once but and I when looked into his eyes all I see pain and sadness. I've told him him that I can't see him, but have not told him why I can't see him, it hurts me too much to look at him, but I am guessing that he knows why I can't see him.

    I don't know what to make of this. Can anyone help me out there? Am I trying to hold on due to circumstances or is this for real?

  • I actually feel you have met the right man for you. I don't want to say this but I don't want to lie about it. I've heard many times this combo Cancer Pisces work. you both are intuitive and sensitive so you can pick up each other's emotions and understand it. You should understand why he is sad, you are moving, right? and he knows you have a partner already. that and the fact you are moving has brought him to the truth, no more fantasy, about the situation of your relationship. I would suggest you take time to sit down and talk pour your hearts out. Whether you want your partner to know, that's your decision. Pisces man doesn't seem to be able to just say it, at least that's how they seem to me. They are good at secrecy, not keeping secret, but anything related to 'back stage' matters. but you are water sign like he is, there must be something you can do to make him put his cards on the table. Was he always alone? ex gf? ex wife? how long has it been since you saw him with a woman? he could be just lonely and is happy with you living there. anyway do your best to make him say it all so that you know whether you have a chance with him or not.

    I find Pisces irritating sometimes because they do pour out their hearts but it's like taking all the patience in the world to deal with them on a daily basis and I just don't have that. I could put up a few weeks and that's it. But I'm sure in your case it's not that hard, you basically understand each other, being both water signs. Do it soon before it's time for you to go. After you are sure where you stand, if you choose to stay with him, then it's time to talk with your partner. But before this, you need to really talk to this Pisces and find out.

  • Thank you LeoScorpion, I feel like my heart has been pulled out. I literally feel lost.

    That night we came to his house, it was like we were old friends, he poured his heart out to me about his ex's about how many times he's been burnt, he's been alone for about a year.

    Even if we do meet up and pour our hearts out, would it do much difference because like Pisces man said when we were sms arguing, "either way you're going" , he knew I would be going with or without my partner.

    If it's meant to happen, will it? What are the chances of that?

    A couple of weeks ago, the company he works for, they sold and no one knows if they'll have job when the new owners take over.

    Is it all falling in to place, should I just let whatever happens happen?

  • sounds like he has doubt about relationship with you. probably due to something in his past, or he simply doesn't want to cause trouble with your current partner so he choose to retreat.

    it's possible the job situation adds to this. but all in all, to answer your question, yes.

    if it's meant to be, it will. the problem is that the timing of the universe is not the same as ours. sometimes we kind of haste things, thinking that because we are leaving soon, we won't be able to accomplish this and that. but this is not true. there is time for everything. if you haste things and act without thinking, you will be walking into your own sorrow. when the time comes, no matter how impossible it sounds, it will happen.

    Talking about it, does make a difference. if he has poured his heart out to you before, possible that he will do the same again and this time you can ask more in depth question and get to heart of the matter. I have to say that this is my opinion, I am a leo and to me if he doesn't say it then I don't know. so maybe you don't need this, because you can read him somehow. but tell me, what is the harm of talking to him? even if it doesn't make a difference to you, is it possible it makes a difference to him instead? that you are, till the day that you are leaving, proven to be a good friend and listener? you might not end up with him, but you still can be friends. which is actually a good foundation for deeper relationship, isn't it? if you two want it, of course.

    Let go of expectation, but try find out where you stand. If you just leave, it's like leaving things unsettled. plus, you never know, he could change his mind last minute and decided he wants you. wouldn't you like surprises lol anyway do as you heart says. that's what matters.

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