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  • What I get is that there is a love and attraction between your boyfriend and his ex girfriend. That is why his ex "hates" you. She wants you out of the way so that she can be with him again. She does not see you as his girlfriend, she sees you as a choice he made while they were having a misunderstanding between each other. So she wants you to get out of her way. She is reminding him about this attraction that they have between each other in hope that he will get back together with her.

    But he does not want you to leave you. He wants to be with you. Although if she continues to do remind him about those feelings, there is a chance that he might get together with her again. Because this is about feelings between people, not about a competission. So this is a problem for him, too. He has chosen to be with you, and was expecting that she would stay away then. But now he is surprised that she is still wanting to have him. So he is flattered.

    I dont think it will help much to talk with him about this. He will just say that you are the only one for him, and that she is annoying him. But the truth is that he is flattered.

    So this is my advice: Be good, be calm, be relaxed. Dont panick. You are the one that he is with.

    I also advice you to ask your boyfriend some questions:

    "Do you want to go back to your girlfriend?" Then he will say no. Then say this: "Then please tell her to stay away from us." This might help him to get rid of the problem. He mest be aware of what he wants and feels, so that he can do the right thing.

    So this is up to him, even if he does not think so. It is he who must make her go away. Not you or even her. She is just trying to get her boyfriend back. But he must be sure about what he wants, so that she can let him go.

  • Oh, and the last one was meant for Aries222

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  • TheHangedWoman,

    Thank you so much for this advice. I don't know what else to do. She won't go away its almost as if she has a spell on him. I love him and want to be with him but it seems that in the end he always ends up choosing her. I try to have patience but its tough. What can I do to make her go away? I think she manipulates him and wants to be with him for the wrong reasons. Its frustrating at times.

  • TheHangedWoman

    Btw, that last reply was from Aries22.

  • TheHangedWoman

    One more thing. How can I be sure that he loves me? Is he worth fighting for?

  • TheHangedWoman

    One more thing. How can I be sure that he loves me? Is he worth fighting for?


  • Aries22. There is nothing you can do to make her go away. It has nothing to do with you. He must make her go away herself. If he does not manage to let go of her fully, then she will continue to sense that and keep trying to get together with him. So there is nothing that you can do about this. If he decides to go back to her, then that is it. Nothing that you can do there.

    But what can you do? You are with him. You are the one he is with. Why? He trusts you. He thinks you are good. So he chose you. Also, perhaps he also thinks that she is manipulative?Perhaps you can ask him about it. For example you tell him in a calm way, not being dramatic, but in a relaxed way that you think she is a manipulative. And then ask him if he thinks the same. He might have difficulties seeing this, or if he sees it, that he still can not stop himself from becoming manipulated by what she is doing. So this is difficult for him. I think that he cares about her still, and perhaps even you will just have to let him go? Love is also to let go of the one you care about. Love is not to own each other. Love is to set each other free. I am not saying that you should leave him. But this is about letting go. His letting go, her letting go and your letting go. He must learn how to let go, so that he can be with the one he should be with. A big challenge that all of us have is in fact to let go of the past. In the Bible it says that the wife of the holy man Lot, she became into a statue because she looked back. She just stopped walking forward. That is a lesson for all of us. We must let go of the past so that we can move forward. So if he does not manage to let go of her, then there is nothing you can do. So what you CAN do, is to let go also. Let go of what she is doing to you. Let go of her. The more you think about her, the more power you give her. So be strong and confident, be calm and relaxed. Be mature. That is why he is with you. He thinks perhaps that you are more mature than she is. Less dramatic. Drama is a bit frightening to the men. So let yourself be the one who is mature and clear about this. Dont focus on her. She has nothing to do with him anymore, not more than he lets her, at any rate.

    Just you stay calm and stop thinking about her. And tell him to do the same. Tell him to not think about her, because she has nothing to do with his life anymore.

  • TheHangedWoman

    You are phenomenal!!! Thanks for the advice. I so do love this man and you are right in that I should not give her the satisfaction of getting all of my energy through my thoughts. I will be patient and strong. It's just that ram in me that makes me so stubborn.

    Aries22 🙂

  • Thehangedwoman you are awesome. Thank you for all the nice things that you told me. I will be there for him. And now I know that I really need to be there becuase there is going to be a death in his family. His grandfather is on lifesupport now and he is not going to make it. That is what the doctors are saying. And I will be there.

    Just say a pray for his family and me too. Again thank you so much you are awesome.

  • I am glad you got what you needed. You are a very good good woman. I am glad you got what you needed.

  • Wow. I am glad to see that I am useful.

    I see that I received correctly when I said that his grandfathers illness will affect your boyfriends mood.

    Just continue what you are doing. You are doing everything right. You are a rare pearl in his life. And he will grow into a human being because of your service for his soul. My husband has in fact done the same for me as you have done for your boyfriend. So that is why I almost feel like begging on my knees to ask you not to stop what you are doing. I have become healed because I have been taken care of by a kind of "doctor-soul", a man who has done nothing but give and I have done nothing but let him. And the service I have done for him has been simple for me to do for him, really just natural for me. My service for him has been a service for God, so that I myself will become healed. Doing simple office job for him etc so that we can run a company together etc - things that are natural for me. I have become healed because God sent me a man who did what you are doing. So I beg you and assure you: You are doing the right thing.

  • Yes I said it once and I will say it again. You are awesome. And again thank you so much for your kind words. Once all of this is over and some of my classes are over I will try the tarot cards so that I can help other people like people have helped me on here.

    You have a awesome day.

  • Oh, I dont use tarot cards, nor do I use any dates or numbers. I just think about you, and feel the energy through what you write. Then I tell you about your surroundings, your boyfriend, what you are thinking about. I dont, I repeat, I dont do readings. I have not given you a reading, my friend, I have just told you my feelings when I read what you have written. I have no education in tarot or other type of readings. I just use my intuition. Until last month, when I started following this forum, I have never used my intuition like this before.

    But sometimes my intuition has been for others, for example in conversations. Since I am sensitive.

    For example, once I was taking a walk in the woods with a friend of mine. I felt a pain in her back. So I told her: You have pain in your back, in the lower part of your back. She said: You have pain in your back? I said. No, I dont have, but you have. She confirmed what I said. She said to me that I am very sensitive, since I feel it too.

    So I dont do any readings for people. I just feel the persons thoughts and feelings while communication with the person. But I dont like being given birthdates and only that. I dont know what to do with that. I in stead just need to read about the thoughts that the person has, so that I can feel the persons energy. A short text is not the same. I like to see a story.

    What I did with the birthdates that you gave me, was that I took the calculator to calculate your ages, and then I checked on the net what Xavier means. (Was that not the name he was saying he liked for his future son?) So I felt the feeling that the name gave me, and I thought about the age difference. I did not do any reading on you at all.

    I would rather advice you to join subud. I do the latihan to heal my soul, to cleanse my soul. so that I will not forget who I am. I surrender my soul to God Allmighty. I am not a psychic at all. I am on, because I need to do something very important for myself, and I want to see if my intuition is real. Because that means that my vision for my life will come true. So I only do this to see if I can trust my own vision and that it is not just fantasy. I need to learn how to trust myself. So I am just testing out my intuition here on the tarot forum, I dont have any interest in tarot or runes or astrology or anything else. I just worship God. And God wants us to believe in that truth that He has planted into us. The truth is His will. And He wants us to follow it, so that we will become healed. We must follow God more than our own will. Then we will become healed souls. And that will is inside of us all. It is Light. It is our inner Healing power. Our inner God.

  • I did not know that you did not use the tarot cards. And wow you are awesome again. I want to say thank you and when I do get over this hill. I will be here to help other people too. I know that is what I am here for.

    But I have a question for you, there is a cruise I am going on the 26th of this month. Do you feel like Damien and I will be going together. Or will I be going by myself. I just feel this is something that I have to do. And I am going to take the test for the 911 operator on the 10th of this month. ANd I feel like I will do very good. That is some where I can help people. And it is where I think I should be for now. What do you feel on that.

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