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  • hiya please could i have a reading?i need to no how c realy feels about me? and what his intentions towards me are?i feel im just getting mixed signals,and am so confussed because i like him alot,but im not sure of what he wants from me he never seems to make it clear?please help thanx...04/10/1989 jade

  • I dont feel so much about this, since you have said so little. Perhaps he is afraid to love and be rejected? Or perhaps he is afraid that he is not good enough? Or perhaps he is not sure wether you love him or you just have feelings for him. It is important that you know the difference. The love is holy, the feelings are about wanting to be liked, wanting a boyfriend, wanting a better life and think he can be good for you etc. It is important that you are sure. Perhaps he is just very sensitive and does not to make any mistake with you. It could also be that he has difficulty in trusting that he is worthy (fear to have love and loose it).

  • The Hanged Woman, I just read one of you other posts and appreciate the respect you show as well as many other positive traits. The quote about if you're going through h ell, keep going made me sit up and take notice. Along with family issues and health issues gee guess what, I am having a 'man' issue that's been driving me nuts for the last while. I think I've ended it but I am not sure, he's a cancer and I would love to have him in my life I just don't know if all this 'have patience' and 'maybe' is actually meant or if he's really not into me as much as I would like. I want to do what's best for me but I do really wish that he would be there for me and I don't know if that will ever happen- I'm running out of patience and sanity...I would greatly appreciate some insight, when I read posts like 'How do you know when a cancer is testing you' I see the same things and it scares me so much, I want to have feelings for him but I have to do what's in my best interest.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Bighorn, can you please explain a bit more? I dont understand who said what, since you dont write in complete sentences. Please explain what cancer has said. Have you said or done something to make him go, do you think?

  • I apologize for my lack of clarity, I've been at the point where everything in my life seems to be screwing up...starting to feel better now...My situation with the guy, well I've known him for years, not well but I've always been attracted to him and last summer we were at a party and he made it clear (alcohol was involved) that he was interested. A few months later I let him know I was interested and it wasn't the alcohol but he wasn't receptive at that point even though there was some emails over the next few months. We work together and he doesn't date people he works with. After wishing him a happy birthday he started to open up more, explaining his reasons for not wanting to be with me but that he was interested and we went back and forth with emails for the next few months. Then he started with excuses why he wasn't reponding all that much and told me to have patience, (we've never intentionally seen each other outside of work) and maybe when he got his life straightened out we could get together. I told hhim that I had enjoyed it but it had gotten to the point where it was doing damage to my self-esteem and if I couldn't see him I needed to back off. I haven't heard back since and I'm assuming that he isn't going to respond, although I'm not certain, there have been technical difficulties with our emails before so it's possible he didn't get it and I haven't seen him to ask. As much as I don't want to give up on him I think I need to, but there's something telling me that there's potential with him. Thanks again, I hope this helps.

  • I think he is contemplating about another girl whom he was in love with before. And that he is contemplating about problems that he had in the past. He likes you, but there are feelings for another girl that he is wanting to get out of his emotional system before he starts dating again. Cancers are very sensitive. I feel he is hurt from being rejected or having a conflict with another girl in the past. As he has said: He is not emotional available. Cancers are very sencitive. They are not to be "played" with. Even though he likes you, he still is having feelings for the girlfriend that he had or wanted to be with. That is why he is stalling. He has serious feelings for that other girl. And he does not like to play with feelings, neither his own nor others. If you come up too close, he thinks that it is not right, because he is still thinking of this other girl. That is what I get about this.Also I feel that this girl is unavailable for him, so she might be in a relationship with another man. But she used to have feelings for him, too, or so he felt. And now she is not available. I see her as a beautiful woman with dark brown hair with big curls (wavy hair), and with dark smiling eyes, looking into his eyes and smiling to him (him thinking of her in that way). I see him as slim, no glasses, blond (light brown) hair and blue eyes. I see him with a serious face, as if he is relaxed or contemplating on something. I see him as a man in his late twenties. He sits alone thinking about his life. Mostly about this past relationship, or the girl he used to be in love with. He feels that there is no way back to her, or at least no chance for him to get together with her. This is a girl from the past, not a girl he is in contact with now. He feels he has lost her, or at least lost any chance to get together with her.

    You are a girl he sees in the corner of his eye. And you are positively disposed towards him. He likes you and knows that you know him. He hopes to be finished with thinking of the past before he starts a new relationship. He wishes he were ready for a new one, but he has to be finished with his past first. And perhaps he even does not want to be finished with it, so in that case he is struggling against himself to let go of this.

    If you want to kiss him, just do it. But remember he is a cancer. Cancer men take these things very seriously. You have a chance to be with him, but he is protecting himself from getting more hurt. Also he is focusing on his self-healing by sitting a lot alone and contemplating (and complaining) about the past relationship (or the relationship he wanted to have).

    He is attracted to you. But he is hurt and wants to be finished with this other girl first. Even though he has been single for quite some time and probably will not get together with this girl in the future.

    I dont know if what I have said now is true. I am just saying that this is what I feel about him and see when I think about this. I am afraid to make mistakes in this one, since I only have vague feelings about this when I read it. It does not happen so often that I get strong feelings about something.

    So I must ask you to give me a feedback on this. Do you feel this is right?

  • But I dont see him with clear blue eyes, but with greyish blue eyes. And short hair, but not newly cut.

    I am a bit nervous now. Please tell me if I am wrong.

  • His eyes are brown, he's overweight and in his late 30's. The girl is another reason he gave me for not seeing me, and probably the main reason he told me he doesn't want a girlfriend. He used to work with her too so he figures the same situation, the same problems. (he didn't want people to know and she told someone and he found out.) Aries that I am I don't see why this is such a big deal but I'm willing to accept it, patience is a lesson that I do need to learn and I did, I wish I could be there as a friend to help him with this because all the stuff you said about sitting alone etc is true, I've always found that when you're at your worst you need friends to help. Maybe he's different, he is with so many other things...I wonder if he'll ever get over this girl and if my 'relationship' with him will ever progress beyond email. Thanks, you're on the right track.

  • Hahahahaha, I saw him as slim and blond, and you say he is overweight and dark. hahaha. See, I am not a claivoiant. Thank God for that! Just kidding. But it would be strange if everything I imagined was excactly as I imagined it. I did feel that this was very vague, so then it was not right what I got. Sometimes I get it really strongly and then what I see is very clearly and right. So then I guess I can not call me a clairboiant at least. True claivoiants dont get it from their imaginations, but they just see it. Sometimes I see clearly, other times I dont see anything, but think it. So I am sorry that I can not help you in that way on this one.

    Funny that he wanted to keep the relationship with the girl a secret. Strange. If he was serious about her, why keep it a secret? Because he is the boss or something?

    I am sure he will get over this girl. Why sob over a girl for years? And he has said to you that he is just not ready, but that he is interested in you. I dont think he needs help with what he is doing. He is acting like the hermit who stays alone untill he gets clarity. The fact that he stays in touch with you is a signal that he likes you, so as you said; you do have a chance. But probably not just at the moment.

  • My advice is that you let go of this guy. Even if you do have a chance. He is not interested in having a relationship at the moment because he is thinking of another girl. That is a bad sign. He is keeping in touch with you because he likes you, but there must be other guys who like you aswell.

  • THeHangedWoman my name is Illona and my other half is Damien. We have been together for 2years going on three. His birthday is Sunday Oct 4, 1974. His grandfather is very sick. Do you feel him not making it. And what do you feel for us. He had a really bad relationship before me and that is a little problem sometimes. But do you see us moving in together and what kind of future do you feel for us. And does he want a little boy. He was talking about naming his next son Xavier. Does he want it with me. My dob is July 12 1961 Thanks

  • At the moment I dont have any premonissions or clairvoiant experience when I read you text. I am not a psychic, just inbetween.

    I see that you are a bit older than your boyfriend. He is 35 years old and you are 48. That is quite an age difference. You say you dont live together. He has difficulties with a previous relationship. He wants to have a son and call him Xavier, wich means "bright, splendid, new house" . The name makes me want to straighten my back. No wonder since it means "house".

    I dont think he is planning to have a child with you, due to your age. I think his grandfather will be sick for quite some time, and that will affect your boyfriends mood.

    I see that you are quite submittive to him. Is this right? I see him as the one who is not strong, because of his past. I think he likes you in a very sexual way. Also that he feels that he can trust you. And perhaps mostly that. Since the sexual feelings are aroused a lot from trust aswell. I think he likes that you are older than him. He is fed up with the young ones - he perhaps has had bad experience with young ones. Young ones tend to make a lot of drama for small things. While you are understanding towards him. I think he sees you as a safe harbour, someone he can relax with without all the emotional drama that often comes with being with a young girl. HI see him as stressed because of his past. Does he suffer a bit of post-traumatic stress syndrome, do you think? Since there has been difficulties from the past, I mean. But that is just a way of putting it that he is suffering because of his past relationships.

    There is a possibility that you will move together with this man. He trusts you. But I worry about how it will be when he is finished suffering from his past. When you have contributed to his healing, will he still be with you?

    Just you take care of him. The future is not now. He needs to be nurtured. Good that he is with you.

    Well, I dont know if what I have said here is right. I just get this when I think about what you have written. Please dont be angry if I have said something wrong. I am just trying to see if what I get is really real or if it is from the imagination in me. I am just writing something, you see. I hate to call me clairvoiant, although I hope that I do write something that is at any help.

    Perhaps the real reason why he wants a son called Xavier, is because he is dreaming about settle down, to have a wife and kids. Sometimes the soul says something without us understanding quite the message. Perhaps this is a message from his soul that he wants to settle down with a wife and kids. Since the name Xavier means Bright New House. Perhaps it means that he wants to be finished with his past and move forward.

  • Thank you again, you've confirmed what I've thought. I think my lesson now is dealing with pride and not patience. On what you said about accuracy- you were right about the situation if not what he looked like, the more important part. I've also thought that clairvoyance is like a dream, not everything is literal but fits in some way. Thanks again it is greatly appreciated and I wish you all that you need.

  • How wonderful to hear. Thanks for the blessing. May us all get what we need, indeed. And that is not little. We need a lot of love and tender care from the highest one, aswell as faith in the heavens that reign above us.

  • Sorry for taking so long to answer back. Yes some of what you said was true. He has had some really bad relationships. And he really has a hard time trusting. And so you think that once he gets the things he needs, that he will move on. So are you just saying that it is a sexual thing with him. And yes you are right about he does not like younger women. So I am just here to help him heal. But what you said is so true. So what do you feel about us. Tell me

    Thanks so much


  • TheHangedWoman,

    Would you do a reading for me? My DOB is 3/22/75 and my lover is 10/29/78. His ex still lingers and she won't let go and hates me. She is also an Aries but born in April

    Thanks so much in advance,


  • No I dont think it is a mainly sexual thing with his feelings towards you. What I meant was is that he trusts you very much and that is very unusual for him. The goodness in you is so wonderful. I am very glad that he has you. I feel it is as if he is really feeling relaxed and that he trusts you completely, and this is soooo unusual for him. He is very grateful for you. I dont think it is a purely sexual thing. I think he truly needs you. He feels he can really trust you, and I think he really feels that you are there for him. I think he is damaged. He needs you for his own healings sake. He needs you. And I think even the younger women are a turnoff for him. He just really dont trust them at all. I get an almost hate-feeling from him towards young goodlooking women. And he is an adult. He is 35. So he really is an adult. So the age difference is between two adults. So there is nothing wrong with the age difference. He needs you, so dont distrust him. He trusts you and is grateful for you. He wants to hold you and he wants you to hold him. And that is like medisine for him. If you were able to have a child with him, I think he would be overjoyed with happiness. Because you are utterly good for him. You are like an angel for him. I think he is so damaged from the past that I dont think he is wanting to have another woman. The young ones "are not to be trusted" in his eyes. They symbolise deception and lies.

    I dont know what will happen in the future. All I can say for sure is that he feel that he needs you very much. And that he is very grateful for you. He feels that he can trust you and he loves you. I am sure he loves you. I dont think he is taking advantage of you. I didnt mean that. I just see that you are the helping part and he is the receiving part. I just hope it stays that way. For his sake and for you. I just feel he utterly trusts and surrenders to your soul for help. That you are nurturing him. And that is absolutely a wonderful service that you are doing for him.

    I can then advice you to ask others about this. Cris1962 probably has some wonderful for you on this. She is clairvoiant, not like me. I am just feeling something and afraid to make mistakes. But Cris1962 is a clairvoiant. (Ooops! Gave more job to her now...) But seriously, ask others please. I dont know for sure. But I can advice her. But the feeling that I get is that he is a damaged soul who is receiving healing through you and by the trust that he can feel in you. I dont know how long he will stay like this. But I would advice him to live with you the rest of his life and if possible have a child with you. He just wants to be happy. And he is grateful that he has gotten you. Please ask another person about this now. I am afraid to make a mistake. I am not used to act as a "seer".

    Thank you on behalf of God for the help you have been giving for the sake of this mans healing. I am thankful on behalf of this man. I hope you dont stop doing what you are doing for him. It is truly wonderful and good.

  • Blackladydiver: And what I feel is this: If the two of you continous to stay together and move together and live together - then he will find himself. Then he will come back to himself. Because he has really suffered, he has really lost trust. I believe that if you continue to nurture him then he will find himself again. So that is why I advice him to continue to be with him. And why should he then leave you, when you have given him so much? I dont think he is in position to give his heart away to other women. I hope you dont leave him. And when he has found himself, he will grow into a more true human being. By moving together with you he will find back his own humanity (without self pity etc). You are helping him to find happiness within himself. You are valuable to him. I beg you on my knees to not stop doing what you are doing for him. Although that is from your free will. And that, too, is what is so wonderful. You are doing it out of compassion and love. I love what you are doing for him. And it is good for you yourself aswell. But please ask Cris1962 about this. Not for your own sake, but for his. You are strong, but he is weak. He needs that you know what to do.

  • I meant: That is why I advice him to be with you the rest of his life. You are good good good.

  • I meant: He needs that you know what to do. Sorry the miswriting (mis"spelling")

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