Why do i love the one who doesn't understand me

  • easy going cancer madly in love [lust], with the interverted aquarius and i'm drowning slowly,i wish to marry him and i no that he don't complete me but i need him in my life. but I allowed him to hold me back from growing. neeed help I no!

  • Ask some questions to the universe (God and your soul):

    What is it that he has that you want him to give you?

    Is it:

    a) Approvement; to hear that you are good enough. Is is a critical type (a guy who comes with accusations or complains a lot)?

    b) You feel the desire to give away the responcibility over your self and your own life. You feel a need to surrender yourself to something outside of your self

    c) You dont like your self

    I dont think all of this fits you, or perhaps none of them. Just my ideas of why a girl lets another treat her badly. I think it comes from a wish to surrender control (responsibility) to somewhere that is outside of herself. But she should really surrender her life to that wich in fact IS inside of herself: Her own inner light that God has given her to help her find her way out from conflicts and into finding her true self. I guess this is just my thoughts and not about you.

    But learn to love your self and learn to feel responsible over your own life. Learn that you are worthy the highest love. Learn to stand up for your self and learn how to be your own best friend.

    hanged woman

  • I have to agree with Hanged Woman here, sometimes as women we don't value ourselves for whatever reason that may be, the questions that she has asked you to ask yourself are very valid questions.

    If you already know that he is not the one for you, why do wish to marry him?

    We often believe that someone else is responsible for making us happy, but honestly that is the really wrong way to think. I was in a relationship for many years, where I allowed his moods, his actions, his words determine how I would react, feel, and think, which contradicted my own beliefs and values, after many years of this I had to stop and listen to my inner soul. Try to surround yourself with positive people. If you respect yourself, and love yourself, you will not allow another human being treating you any worse than you treat yourself. Self love is the best thing that you can give yourself and others. Honestly. Hard lessons to learn, but when you truly value your life, you will not settle for anything less.

  • Tricy11 - I think you already have answered your own questions. If this person does not fulfill you and has already held you back why do you feel you need him? If you already have questions and or doubt why would you want to marry him? He is who he is...you are who you are...save yourself from more heartbreak and move on.

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