Virgo Female - Why are some people destined to be Alone?

  • I think I read it somewhere that many Virgos don't marry. Is it because they're seen as too critical?

    I am a Virgo, but I'm not fitting the prescribed definition. I'm divorced after picking the wrong mate. I still don't understand why I can't even have a relationship though.

    After a while I gave up even trying to date, because I could never find someone I was attracted to. I went 10 years without dating. UNTIL I met someone I was interested in just a couple weeks ago. We met for drinks and I don't think it went very well. He's a pisces, maybe that was the problem, but he was the first one in so long that I had an attraction to.

    I don't know if all Virgos have this problem, but I hate it. I enjoy my single life and all the things I do, but it would be nice to have a special guy to do things with once in a while.

    Any other Virgos feel this way?

  • even if it's true that Virgos mostly don't marry, doesn't mean the same rule will apply to you. Not only Virgos get hurt or betrayed. I am a leo and have been through my share of h ell. I kept going though, and now I'm sitting pretty in a steady relationship with a Cap for almost 9 yrs marriage. If I gave up, I would've lost this chance forever.

    The law of the universe applies to everything and everybody. You get what you put into it. It doesn't mean you have to just date every single men out there, but you need to realize that if you are too critical then they will be critical to you too and leave. I wasn't popular with boys in school and with men in my 20s. But I knew I deserved love and I kept looking. I had quite a few downs myself, just shows what men can do to a girl simply looking for love. Those days are in the past now I have found my safe harbor.

    I read this quote by a famous person, if you go through h ell, keep going. It's very true. keep going and don't stop sending positive energy and kindness. what you send out, will return to you.

  • Virgo. The virgo is not destined to be alone. But I think she falls rarely in love. It is all or nothing. Some virgos even just fall in love once in a lifetime. And then that is so big that the rest of the once to choose between dont measure up to her high hopes for herself. She does not want to mess her self up with the wrong one. So she waits and waits and waits in stead of being with a half good one. The virgo seeks a highly idealistic love that most men dont measure up with. Because the man she look for is an ideal that noone can measure up to. She wants perfection. She wants to be clean. That is also probably why she is called Virgo. Because she would rather prefer chastity than a life with the wrong one.

    In the tarot philosophy, the card that is most similar to the virgo personality is probably the Queen of Swords. The Queen of swords cuts through illusions instead of letting them lure her into making mistakes for herself. She is strong and has many times been burned as a witch in the old days. She can take care of herself, rather than submitting under the wrong man. But if she finds the man that measures up, she is faithful until death.

  • Hanged Woman - Let me tell you, you've just reminded me of who I am and what is going

    on. Thank you dear friend. Peace and love to you!

  • Well said both leoscorpion & HangedWoman!

    Never lost faith & love


  • I've been there done that. Starting to feel the same way myself. At 56 years old everytime I find someone that I think is my soulmate/love of my life, I discover they are married or they die. I thought I was being punished for something. I enjoy single life, I love my space, however, I, too, would like that "special" man to share the rest of my life with. Men don't seem to want to commit to a relationship nor do have that "romantic" type love that crave and that I seek. It is all or nothing with me. I will be your most stanch supporter and will be loyal until death if all of the criteria is met. I'm not giving up though. I had at one time. Its not me, its I'll keep on until I get it right.

  • swette I really like your positive and mature attitude. I wish that you will find love that you deserve. what you send out, will return to you. keep smiling, you never know who will fall for your smile

  • Wow hangedwoman-- u just reminded me of who I am -- I think I fall sometimes but I am just too strong willed to give that I don't know if it was love or not--too strong I wish I could just realse and fall....I met a geminei about 4 years ag-he was so nice and really cared I never showed him as much back and now we don't talk --I guess 4 yrs takes it toll--he broke down oneday and said no matter what he does it is never right" and then he changed and started with games.I wish we virgos could let our selves just float and be without analyzing evryhting to death that others don't pay much head too--that's what killed gem and I. I am sure the nxt person he meets will be nicer hopefuly what he is looking for and has.

  • I see myself here, over and over. I like my single life at 55, I enjoy being independent, but I would like to have a partner to share things with. I miss that . I refuse to believe that there is not someone out there for me. I admit I do not agressively seek out a relationship, but I am learning that I do need to let go a little. That is the challenge. So, I keep smiling, and I consider opportunities that I may not have in the past. I travel more, and I just do, I just do.

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