Somebody trying to hurt my mom

  • Hello!!! Im new here and very exited!!! Everybody is so nice! thankyou for taking your time to read this.

    I had a dream where I saw a white dove that had no feet, inside a white cage, I saw it was wet with witcraft, and there was loose dirt next to it, I told my mom to look in her back yard, and guess what? she found it in a white bag burried. I've asked the cards who this person is, and repeatedly I get the queen of swords with the moon card.

    then last night I dreamed that a black hog went in to her house, then it turn into a fly and I killed it. I asked again hwo this person was, and got the queen of sword.

    I asked my cards if they new each other what was theyre story together, I got 10 of pentacles, 3 of pentacles, wheel of fortune and 10 of cups.

    its this woman a family member? can some one hepl me with a reading to clarify? thank you in advance!!!

  • swords mean clarity and moon is emotion and sometimes deciept. So do you think you know who this person is? There has to be a couple people in your life that came to mind. I am thinking someone did something spiritually against your mom.

  • not an expert in Tarot but almost the same thing happened to me. I said almost because up to now I never knew if it was intentional or not. I used to rent a place and was always restless there. one day I was working outside and heard a bang. I ran in and found a dead crow inside. The backyard door was open at the time so anyone could throw it in without me seeing them, but hubby said crows just like to fly in when they see shiny things. Back then I had some shiny displays not far from where the crow died. My heart kept telling me it was not a good sign, but I never knew it was intentional or not. because dead crow is definitely bad sign.

    I would suggest that you use a certain protection. not only on her, but to the house itself. I was told to plant sage and rosemary at the front and back yard. You can 'clean' the house with sage incense and go in each room with it. this will help because if the person has gone far enough to the backyard, I won't be surprised if he/she has 'sent' something into your house.

    If you want to go further, get a blue candle and write down protection spells on it. If you want to return the harm to sender, you will use black candle. This is a wicca way so if you want to go with it, let me know, I will ask my friend the whole process because if you skip a step it won't work. just let me know. I'm not wicca and in general I rely on plants and gems for protection. So far they work, but for your mom you might need the candle spells.

  • Thankyou both.

    I'll let her know about the plants, about the spells, I have to ask her cause she might have some reservations about that. but who knows, she might say ok.

    All I know this person is a woman, and she knows my mom from long ago. My mother says she cant think of anybody.

    I asked how she can protect herself, and got the queen of wands, I take this as me, since this card represents me, since I can see what she does.

    I dont see it, I dreame it, like in symbols but I just feel when I wake up what it is.

    I think thats a blessing cause I can warn her.

    thankyou again for your replies!!

  • you are welcome. just let me know if she is willing. this wicca is my friend, been a wicca all her life. I have never done what she asked because nothing ever went that far in my life. but if necessary, I will.

    you can do this for your mom if she allows it. when you protect someone, you need the person's permission to be protected, or else she will retaliate and the whole thing will come down upon you.

    yes it seems the universe has picked you to be her eye and ears. you must love your mom so much. this strong bond will help amplify the spells, or if you don't use spells, it will show you another way to help her. may help come your way.

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