Health by Sign: Have you heard of Latromathematics?

  • While we're still in Virgo season we should definitely talk a little about health...

    Latromathematics is an ancient medical system (still used by many today) that associates each zodiac sign with a corresponding body part.

    For example, Aries rules the head and face, Taurus rules the neck and throat, Gemini rules the lungs, shoulders, and nerves... See this article to learn what part of the body your sign rules.

    I know plenty of Aries that get headaches and migraines often, however I am not one of them -- thank goodness. But I do battle with anxiety pretty often. Would this be considered part of the head? Maybe it's more complicated than that...

    What are your thoughts? Do you have any connection with this? Do you battle weakness in the parts of the body that your sign rules?

  • For me as a Taurus, a sore throat is a common event that presages further illness.

  • @TheCaptain Ugh, there's nothing worst than that little pre-sick tingle in the back of your throat or in your chest.

  • @tarotcomadmin Still it also is a clue that you need to look after yourself a bit more - I always take some echinacea straight away.

  • I have always had problems with my knees but recently I have problems with broken bones.