I would love others insight on this reading I did today!

  • Hi everyone,

    Following a break up where the quarent (a) was told that b felt that they 'were off in a few things'. We pulled some cards to clarify what these obstacles are.

    First card was in the current state of the relationship and was the 5 of cups meaning moving on which is accurate.

    Then we pulled 3 cards to signify the things that B felt were off.

    The Magician- Maybe B feels A is a mask of who they really are or maybe B feels the relationship is based on illusion.

    2 of swords- B is not wanting to think about why a situation has occurred and is blocking A out.

    4 of swords rx- B is in need of rest and relaxation, a break from the relationship.

    Keep in mind that the question is about what specific things B feels is 'off in a few ways' and that B couldn't get over those things to make a relationship work.


  • I feel like B didn't tell you a whole lot regarding the break-up so you're holding onto what you do know--2 of swords. There are two cups behind the 5 of cups, so all is not lost. There is something right behind that you are unaware of but will help you get thru this. I feel as though B had more control over the relationship. Your warning is not to fret over this. I think the 4 of swords could be a double edged for both of you. I think this parting could affect your health. I also feel this relationship is wearing on him, as well.

  • What do you do when you're feeling trapped.and your significant other every so often physically abuses you.

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