Moon as feelings?

  • I just did a reading regarding a gentleman’s feelings for me. (Background here is that we have been seeing each other for the last five months. I’ve known since our first night together that we are soulmates (not a term I would ever use lightly). It started as a fling, but has been the most intense (good/bad) relationship I have ever been in. The synchronicities are constant, the energy between us is so strong that it’s almost palpable. This relationship has changed my life, and my view of the world and has led me to grow spiritually and find my soul purpose. We build each other up, share the same drive and our dreams for the future intersect at a multitude of points. I’ve never experienced this before and neither has he and it’s been a rollercoaster ride of fears and doubts as a result. I’m afraid of losing myself in another relationship and he is petrified of giving his heart just to have it stomped on. Despite those fears, we are continuously draw together. I could go on and on, but I won’t since I think I’ve covered the gist.)

    I did a past/present/future spread on his feelings for me, specifically and got the following:

    Past - Ace of Cups
    Present - The Moon
    Future - Nine of Cups

    Am I delusional or is he finally really feeling our soulmate connection? How would you interpret this spread given the circumstances?

    I’m obviously very much in love with this man and am having a tough time remaining objective in these readings.

    TIA ❤✨

  • Greetings Sierradawn,

    I would think the overall impression is positive. I think the Moon card indicates he is not sure how to proceed in particular. After all, there is an ultimate Nine of Cups in the future position, so everything is fine.

    I doubt if he has already taken any action to show his interest in you (and vice versa)? From you account and the card results, I can see that both of you are connected very closely. However, I have not yet found if both of you have taken any action to move on to the next level. This is especially true when all the 3 cards are of water elements (very timid, yet very understanding). I think he is more scared to lose you than anything else.

    I would say if there is one being active, then this relationship will be complete!

    Bless you and good luck!