Aries Woman & Aquarius Male Relationship

  • I have been seeing a aquarius male for 6 weeks and he has been very keen. He said he wanted to be my partner/boyfriend and is happy to meet my mother and for me to meet his mother. He has already met my children and enjoys spending time with them, Im meeting his son this weekend. It is just that since he said about being partners he has been so distant and I have found out he is back on internet dating sites??? Im so confused and have tried to talk to him but he says everything is ok. I have decided to step back and let him do the contacting.

    Is this normal aquarius behaviour or even male behaviour? Up until being distant he was very affectionate and touchy feely, forever giving me little kisses on my forehead and always reaching for my hand and sex has been fantastic. Last time I saw him he didnt really hold hands, not lock fingers thru as he normally does, just something little I know but not usual.

  • ALSO: in reference to the above ... he is still talking about future commitments and has even put a note in his calendar for a date at the end of November '09, also talks alot about doing things in the future - this type of talking hasnt changed since he has been distant.

  • NZgirl i know exactly how you feel and really wish i could help. I'm having similar issue with an aquarius guy who i used to date but now we're sorta frends, he's all over me one day and distant the next. if its an aquarian trait it would certainly make sense

  • Hi , I'm an Aquarian Male , i'm afraid this is one of out Aquarian Traits, not one of our best i must admit, In saying that Aries & Aquarians are well matched together. I was with an Aries Lady for 3 years,but it sadly came to an end, because of her jealousy & possessivenes, though I just think that was her & not normaly an Aries trait. We like our freedom & independence or at least to feel we are. You standing back & leaving it up to him to do the contacting, i feel is the right thing to do. We do like to give surprises & please the one we are with. We are also known to be very demonstrative & romantic & the next it looks as if we are quite cold & aloof. Novembers date could be a surprise he has planned for you or for both of you. We are very good at arranging surprises, be it a small one, like a gesture or a full blown one, like a weekend away or a holiday and its all done in secrecy, But we HATE IT, when the surprises are done to ourselves, Aquarians are one of the few types of people, who love to give, but hate recieving, You know the saying " It is better to give than to recieve " that is the Aqurian way of thinking. I must also say we are very stubborn natured, great deep thinkers & planners( & not ignoring you) & very honest & straight ( possible thought of as being abrupt) but mostly quite tactful. I hope everything works out for you & wish you all the best.

  • An update on this. After I pulled back from contacting him he came to me and said he wants a relationship with me and a committment. We are now together. He is very affectionate and caring. We have spent one night apart in the last 2 weeks and that was my idea to which he finally accepted that I just wanted some space. He has told me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and asks morning if he can see me that night. He sends regular texts thru the day and is amazing with my teenage children. He has told me he loves me and I have told him, its a real strong feeling that neither of us can explain after a short time together but we are very happy.

    Am I right to wait for the time that he turns cold again or is this how its going to be with a aquarius?

  • Our situations are reversed I am the Aquarian and he is the Aries, we started out so strong and then he just pulled away JEALOUS os the key here and I am not one to be smothered, he understood that at first now he can't feel me for anything. I guess it is a trait of the Aries to be Jealous and pull away when they are BORED.

  • Hi NZgirl, check out " All Things Aquarius " & Analysts perception on Aquarian Tratits & Nature, She is 100% accurate. You said you wanted some Space, likwise Thee Aquarian likes his own spacealso,but we can actualy do that,even when other people are around, ie, DEEP THINKING, but may look as if we are ignoring you, we ar'nt , its just our minds are elsewhere. Meditation is another way, we close out the world. Another very strong trait we have, We do not commit ourselfs lightly & our word is our bond, we do not need to swear on a Bible, We will Honour our word at all costs.

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