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  • Universalharmony; I know you wrote that you don´t take more requests but I´m depserate, I need answers about myself and two Boys, Bill and Tom, I need to know if it will be me and one of them before I put my heart into it, can you please tell me? I´ve been heartbroken so many times and need some security, that´s why I´m asking. Please tell me everything you can

  • Why not choose both of them? You can have them one at the time, on turn. No seriously, if you dont know who you want to be with, then why ask the question? It is you who must choose who you want to be with, not universalharmony or anyone else. It is an overall strange question to ask. If you want both of them, then take both of them then. And then hide it for them that you are having relationships with both. It is easy. : )

  • tsk tsk tsk....HangedWoman, what an advise to give! But i agreed with the sentence "It is you who must choose who you want to be with, not universalharmony or anyone else. " 😜

    Seriously bellasweden, dun mind my comment. If you have been heartbroken many times and need security right now, then you might not be suitable to be in a relationship at this moment. Cos no matter who you chose to be with at this moment, you will most likely not enjoy it. You might tax the other party for the so called security you are searching.

    Happinese & security comes from within....not by pple or things around you.

    If someone is happy beside you and you are having a bad mood, do you think you will feel the happiness or positive energy projected by this someone? (just an example k)

    Wish you well, happy & at peace

  • Well, I was just making fun of the question. I did not mean it as an advice at all. I think Fishy there came with some really good advice. True wisdom there.

  • Bellasweden,

    I hear the pain you are in right now. But before rushing into any relationship or making any decision, please please take some time out for yourself. Forgive me if I am wrong, but you don't sound like you are in the right space to start a healthy relationship at this time. Maybe this is not about having a man to give you security, maybe this is really about you needing to give yourself some love and nurture yourself first. When look after ourselves first and can make ourselves happy and feel confident from within, without relying on a man or a relationship to do it for us, then we are in a good and healthy space to attract the right man and relationship into our lives. You need to believe first what an awesome woman you are and when you do, men will notice that about you, they will be attracted by the confidence you have in yourself and the fact you aren't desperate for a relationship or waiting around for a man to make you happy.

    Please take some time out for YOU first, what makes you happy, what are your likes and dislikes, what are YOUR needs, hopes, desires and dreams? Take care of you first and the rest will fall into place.

    Good luck Bella, find that awesome, beautiful woman within. 🙂

  • Bellasweden,

    I agree with the advice of Wenchie,The Hangedwoman & Fishy76. I was going through a tough time earlier this spring & received similar advice. At the time I couldn't see that I needed to take time out to focus on myself. Over the next few months I found myself asking the questions what do I want ,need, dream. I did a bit of emotional housekeeping too... letting go of negative energy I'd had pent up inside for a long time. I can say now that I'm much happier, and feel more confident in myself & in making decisions. Give yourself the time you need to figure out who you need & want to be.... You'll be amazed at yourself & all will be as its meant to be. Like a caterpillar you will become a beautiful butterfly

    Amused59 😉

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