Cups as struggle... I'm struggling!!

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    I did a spread that I found was wholly insightful but a question was raised from it so I asked for clarity and I'm stumped. I've given my thoughts on my own reading below to hopefully tie it together. Anyone who has any other input I'd be so grateful as it's frustrating me a little 😕

    So I did a deep dive and asked what the male think feels and wants with the girl. I got the high priestess, ace swords and the world. From those cards I interpreted this to mean that he thinks about her... Fantasises a lot but he's not able to show this. He keeps it in and plays it very cool despite this not being how he feels really. He is feeling hot and cold, he constantly is processing things emotionally and despite feeling compatibility he still goes between should we should we not. What he wants is everything... The loyal relationship of substance, a confident person.. Literally wants its all. Believes potentially this girl represents that. The action he will take I drew the 2 swords. I took this to mean he will do very little.. Take a passive approach act uninterested. So this goes against what he wants?

    Then for her I asked the same qs and got 8 pents, chariot, Queen pents. For these I took this to mean she things they have things in common but she feels vulnerable and unable to show her feelings too! She worries she may have to prove herself. She feels he would be a solid rock for a future and wants that he would appreciate her nurturing side. The action she will take is 6 swords which I interpret this as she is looking to move on from her past with a fresh outlook... Like a do over. So he remains passive and she's ready to go?

    I did a quick tally on past present future of them and got empress, Queen wands and 9 pents. I read this as in the past they may have thought they had something good and pretty damn solid or perhaps that was their past with other lovers. Now they are in a different space.. They have admirers aplenty but what they both crave is love and totally adoration from each other not something casual. The future there is no rush to settle down but they want to enjoy each other.
    The long term potential is 2 cups which is nice... A deep friendship.. Great basis for a relationship.

    So this all looks promising re the relationship only neither is telling the other how they truly feel so how and why!

    I could have left it as she feels vulnerable and he's just not sure....but we are girls and my friend will want the intracacies so I'm trying.

    On to the cups I pulled 3 cups and Queen of cups as to why HE is struggling to open up. Aside from the earlier reveal of not being sure... All I can examine from these two cards is that perhaps he's drinking a lot right now... Not taking life so seriously and therefore hasnt the head space to think about her and things more seriously. And maybe he's obsessing over something else instead... Or is he obsessing over here but afraid to make the real move. the earlier fact of it seemed he's fantasising over her makes me think the latter.

    I'm just totally confused. Maybe I drew too many cards.. I was just rolling with what felt right and my clarify q has left me more confused.

    What do you reckon? I want to give her a fab reading and I like doing my readings for people alone and in peace and reporting back but just feel unsure whether to include the last two cards or not and if so what they mean.

  • Greetings Lisajaycon,

    I appreciate your help and detailed explanation, and I would like to express my point of view. I hope I can help you in any way.

    1. What the male feels about the girl: He thinks of the girl as a very logical and solitude one. In fact, he thinks that he will take a long time to get even close to here, not to mention about engaging in any sort of romance.

    2. His action: He is doubtful about pursuing the girl, but in reality, he does not seem to see the whole picture.

    3. Reason for his action: ?*

    4. What the girl feels about the male: She thinks pursing him is a hard work and she needs to prove herself. Therefore, she is working on improving herself, instead of hanging around and be more social with the male.

    5. Her action: Right now, she does not expose herself too much. Instead, she just lets the time go by and try to remain anonymous. She just waits until the "right moment" (The boy is impressed, and she has the confidence) comes.

    6. Past-Present-Future: In the past, both of them tried to cultivate and maintain some sort of friendship. Right now, they are both focusing on their intuition and acts. In the future, they probably will remain a little distant. There is still a long way before they can be together. That does not mean they are in poor relationship though, but they are just enjoying being alone and thinking of the next move.

    7. Potential: There is potential to become a couple, but I would add that the relationship will take a long time. Right now, they do not know each other very well. Instead, they are attracted and have interest in being in touch only. So, they need to expect a long way ahead.

    Overall, I would say both are clouded by their own perceptions and therefore both of them remain quiet in this relationship. If only there is one acting a little bit more active, I would say this possible relationship will grow a small step at a time.

    I hope my information can help you in any way. Bless you and them.

    *If possible, I would like to know about the status about the male. The 3 of cups and a queen card perhaps is not a very combo. As you may know, any royal card can represent a person. Together with 3 of cups (3 people enjoying together), I doubt if he likes someone else? This can also explain why he is doubtful about taking any action: He has choices and he cannot make a move, so he remains quiet. I hope this does not happen, but I would like to learn more about him before clarifying the cards.

  • @black-hatter-w

    Thank you so much for such an amazing take on this reading!

    That's a pity it is such a quiet and distance provided by both might not get them off of the ground. I'd love her to have some happiness after a tough time.

    The male status is single and relatively happily so and same for her so that is interesting. As what should hold them back? She has said they have professed their attraction to one another previously... But somehow barriers have gone up to prevent anything further happening.. Perhaps fate? Perhaps he has other interests / options that he does not share with her but she does not pursue anyone currently.

    What do you think? And as she is the one coming to me with an active interest in him and what he may want.. Should she pursue him? . I felt from all she's said that he is more introverted and quiet anyway but perhaps likes to be in control. However he had not a single clue that she liked him and she said he was dumbstruck how she could hide it. I think perhaps she would have to initiate interest for him to know? I have no idea what to advise her now. Especially if this is a long time to get off the ground... Is it even worth it?

  • Greetings Lisajaycon,

    I would say with regardless of whatever the cards said, it is still better for her to be active and confess her feelings. After all, she has a crush on the male, then why not a try? No matter what the result is (acceptance or rejection), at least the girl has tried out, so there is no regret. Otherwise, there will be regret if she remains quiet for the time and the male falls for someone else.
    Of course, that would be my opinion. The choice is up to her.
    I hope, in any way, my information and sharing could help.
    Bless her and bless you.

  • @black-hatter-w

    That is true. In that case that is what I will suggest that she should take the lead and speak out... So that maybe it starts something or puts it to bed.

    Appreciate your thoughts.. Thanks again!

    I may update this to let you know what happens for them.

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