Have you pulled a Swords card lately?

  • Because I prefer to be a go-with-the-flow, happy-go-lucky sort of person, I tend to get nervous when I see a Swords card in my reading...

    Swords is the suit associated with action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage, and conflict. All very powerful, sometimes intimidating things! And as much as I love change and challenge... this can be a very pushy suit. Learn more about the Suit of Swords here.

    However, I recently had a Swords card come up when I was doing our brand new Heartbreak Tarot reading (coming soon!) and I realized how beneficial and important these themes are. In the How to Heal position, I pulled the Seven of Swords.

    At first I thought "Oh crap" since the Seven of Swords is connected with betrayal and attempting to get away with something. So I thought for sure this could mean that I'm totally screwed...

    Instead! When the right light is shed on the matter, it really means that I should be doing everything I need to to heal and take care of myself. My heart and mental state should be most important in my world... and if that means I need to prioritize myself above everything and everyone else, then that's what needs to be done.

    Have you ever drawn a Swords card that shook things up for you?

  • This showed up recently regarding someone else in a reading. Wanted to say this card is holding onto your own truth. You may be fearful of what others say--can't face that. Leaving on your own terms. Your version may be different so always stick to what's true. You or someone else may create "tales" to get out of group or commitment. See it as just that. Truth is the best policy.

  • I just picked up three swords cards (10, 9, 5 of swords) for daily reading lately! 😱
    The advice was also a swords cards (6 of swords)!!
    In reality, I was teased by others and I felt very saddening, still I just let that be and continued my life.
    A scary day I must say.

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