Message of 666 from spirit world

  • i woke up to this message 8-26-2018 at talking to my son who called me at 3:30ish in the am when he told me he broke my tv in a panic i told him not to worry and went back to sleep my daughter calls me at 6am and when we got off phone i found the message below in a txt message that was never sent as if I wrote it. CAN anyone help explain this message.

    I am good just 66 working 666orking on 6rking 6 on a on line and 66 6B , i the teachers 6 6he same time 6, i 6ys the 6 days a to point 6 6ut that point 6 66oint out 66 point 6the to6 the the 666 the 6e same time same 6 same 6time you : , a good 6blessed with 6the , wedding 6day 66shman the 6ness owners business owners and I will 66will all the business owners and I 6les and and , and inspection of 66 working 6on a date right now i will talk 6 days a 666 the same time you can't take it to the house and neighbors respect and clean up

  • Just going through your message gave me goosebumps!!!!
    It must have mentioned something to happen after 6 days if m not wrong .. I see that u have posted this 25 days ago ... So did anything weird happen ??

  • A missent message and an inexperienced texter?

  • Maybe it was a wrong number.

  • What's wrong with the texts? Why so many spelling like "66will" "6the to6" ?? Or I'm new with this lol

  • I found this to be helpful for your message decoding with 666:

    Check it out 🙂

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