Ethics and other information that may interfer with a reading

  • I am starting this thread in regards to another thread.I do not and will not disregard the importance of the original posters question by dragging around the how and whys of psychic medium etiquette.

    I am very comfortable with how I handle myself.I have been doing readings for close to 34 years..During this time I have found many friends along my journey of life..I was doing readings back in the days that calls came in from other states and occasionally other countries..Long before internet.Back in the old days,, gads,, there was not a question of ethics because one did not have an online search agent next to their fingertips.You just did not speak to reporters who may of made connections..LOL

    So anyhow,,onward into the new century .. As was just pointed out to me in a way that is not beneficial to the initial poster .It has been brought up about gathering of information on line..To me personally I could give a flying wooo hooo, because my info has never came in this aspect,, I have the souls to be thankful to.....If I come into a place like Tarot .com it is with the respect that I will follow the ethics that come from the universe and is governed by the light and love.

    I am an honest and very straight shooter and always have been.I am not here to do bubblegum readings and leave.I am here with a purpose,, to help another soul that is lost.I am here because someone on the other side has requested that I come offer guidance to their loved ones...

    When it comes to ethics,, I am fully comfortable with myself and my readings.I have also worked in therapy with relationships, marriage, sexual and grieving..I have worked as a life coach as well as a grief coach..In my universe I reach out to those who reach out to me whether that is personally or with their energy ,, be it in the physical or the other side...

    My ethics and what I have taught through the years has been something I can be very proud of..Soo here is what my real question is?? When I had my website running I always informed others about how and what a medium needs for a reading,,Nothing,, a psychic needs more because they connect to your energy not that of a soul who has crossed over..The person questioning in the other post had a very good point the questioner had information that was not pertain to the reading they were requesting..I suppose someone could of taken advantage of that,, hence my not liking the internet...Anyhow myself I know what I explained came from the questioners son and him alone to help his mother,,,I always stay true to self..

    My question comes down to those on a site such as this.I have a great respect for all sites and those who take the time to write an offer aid to others..However where and what do you draw the line at?I know and understand my own code to this..This site reflects so many different types of people from many reflects religion both god based and pagan as well as those of us who are just true studiers of spirituality..So I fully admit and speak of my enjoyment at using the tarot in the Jung fashion,, more in the lines of synchronicity then anything..It is not my true gift it is a learned and studied gift that is based off my intuition and the energy in the cards..I also know that there are people from questioners to novice readers to others like myself who occasionally cross the paths of this site..LOL, look at the founders of it,,they also come from the days of no internet...

    So what do others believe needs to be shared,, people who do not fully understand the differences in readings and other energies from the individual groupings here at Tarot..Take the reason I have came back here.. The loved one did give out information,, but if I was not a medium or psychic and this question was in the astrology topic what was provided would of not been requested because in forensic astrology places of birth and death must be pinpointed..In several of the other topics the birth dates would of been needed as well as other information,,A psychic medium doing a combo reading professionally would of asked for the info so they could properly connect especially if they use cards..Where and what do others draw the line at????? When I used to do readings constantly, I flat out was rude and would tell others to shut up your going to compromise my reading.especially when it was a soul speaking to physicals.Tarot readers,, where do you draw the line or call in your ethics during the shuffle and draw???? Where do those who are empaths draw the line? I also use this gift I know where I say it is personal and not my deal.. But where do others???

    Do you have info that you wish to share with posters who may not understand they do not need to give this much out lets hear it..I had my son pull my website after his brother crossed over.I personally knew at that time I was not capable of being true to self nor could I connect with others.During my grieving over my son I have not felt capable of offering guidance nor have I had the souls communicating as they had in the past.I now give short readings and grief coaching based on the much shorter communications I receive from the other side.

    On my site I had page after page of help and links for those learning.I also kept page after page that pertained to all aspects from religious to satanism. I also had links that ranged from scientific to heaven sent..I had links that explained who and what I am , references credentials, awards etc..,,as well as how to use my gifts in ways that they are meant to be,, with no compromising of my services by over sharing..What do you wish to share if you are here doing readings for others?? Why are you doing readings for others? I know that myself I do them these days when I have a calling ,, to do them...Hence what has brought me back to Tarot this time around,,..So please share what you may believe others need to know before a reading here!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is very interesting to me. I don't believe that a person would spend so much time to offer lengthy details and comfort to someone - and without charging any fee - just to try and fool us all into believing they are a psychic or tell someone what they want to hear. I would possibly be suspicious of someone charging me money. Yes, everybody can google now and find out information about another person but I have a tough time believing that anyone here...on a board that offers such comfort and advice ...would go through such trouble just to "scam" someone....and for what? MTW, I did not see you exchanging details for payment so clearly you responded out of a pure desire to help.

    I saw your post MTW and yes, lots of the info you gave could be found online but your detailed and caring response and subsequent advice made me believe you were genuine. Maybe I'm naive but not many people would be good enough to spend their free time helping out relative strangers on a message board for nothing....and it seems to me that's what you were doing. I suppose we all just have to use our best judgement and have a little faith that there are good people out there who truly just want to offer some support and comfort.

  • Well said Stonyeye, I completely agree with what you have said. And for what's it is worth MTW, I also read the original post that you are speaking of and feel that you spoke from the heart in an genuine, honest and compassionate way. You had nothing to gain but you gave so much to the grieving mother in question. I can only hope that in my darkest hour of need, I come across someone like you who is so willing to give to others for nothing in return, just out of the goodness of your heart. Bless you.

  • Mytwistedworld, would you be willing to do a reading for me?

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