Help with Relationship reading, 4 cards

  • Hi everybody

    I've been a casual tarot reader for a couple of years and have usually found interpretations come relatively easily. However I recently did a spread that has me flummoxed. The spread was done to analyse my love life, particularly in regards to a particular individual. I did a four card spread, past, present, future, and influencing factors. Here's what I got:

    Past: Ace of Pentacles

    Present: Knight of Cups

    Infusing Factors: The World

    Future: The High Priestess

    I think Ace of Pentacles is representative of the individual in question, and the Knight of Cups seems fairly obvious, but I am very confused regarding the other two. I am wondering if the reading was confused, given I am very concerned with my graduate study in philosophy at the moment. The individual I am interested in is a fellow philosophy grad student, so this may have led to a wandering of my mind. However any interpretations would be appreciated!

  • Past: So, it seems like you guys have had a pretty decent basis to your relationship. There was plenty of potential, for something solid to grow on.

    Present: This is pretty good for present, it looks like you guys are getting along really well. Are you flirting a lot? Seems like there's definitely interest floating around.

    Influencing factors: The world, eh....maybe this could symbolize both of you guys wanting to finish school. The world is about completion, and you did say that you were stressing about school, so its possible wanting to graduate is getting in the way of your relationship. Which would make a lot of sense, because school can be freakin killer.

    Future: Hmmm, high priestess. She can symbolize mystery, as well as more thought then action. So, this either means that something about him, or you, or each other, will be revealed, or no actual actions will happen, but the situation will continue to progress the way it is.

    Doesn't look bad, over all.

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