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  • Hello fellow Forums members! We have a surprise for you… we've been working on new logo ideas, and we're excited to finally share this with you.


    Our logo has served us well for many years, but it was time to create something that represents everything we do here at! Here are some components to the new logo you should know about:

    Triple Goddess

    This logo is largely based on the concept of the Triple Goddess symbol. She reminds us to embrace the lessons life teaches us as we move through our own personal cycles. The Triple Goddess symbol also depicts the Moon's waxing, full, and waning cycles. This can be seen in the overlapping icons in our new logo.

    The High Priestess

    Our new design is also modeled after the crown The High Priestess adorns in the Tarot. The High Priestess represents intuition, divine knowledge, and the wisdom to be gained from listening to our inner voice. She serves as a reminder that the answers we seek are always within us.


    The three dash marks that are above and below the Moon icons represent the number 3 and 33/6 in Numerology. The number 3 is innovative, lucky, and able to laugh in the face of life's roadblocks. The number 6 -- which can be derived from the Master number 33 -- is considered the most harmonious of all the single-digit numbers, embodying a loving and caring energy that encourages doing good in the world.

    Candle Flame

    Staying true to our roots, we've left a symbol of the old candle flame design in the center of our new logo. It represents one's own internal flame and inner knowing. This updated look not only reminds us of our history, but also keeps an eye toward the future.

    Please let us know what you think! Your opinion is important to us and we're eager to hear your thoughts.

  • Iove the changes and the way it represent

  • Being Pagan I thoroughly enjoy the new logo. The notion that is taking a bold step in a new direction while honoring their roots is a sign that they are willing to grow and flourish further into the future, while honoring the old symbols and allowing them to shine. Be your path whatever it may be, the symbol is timeless and so deep. Such a wonderful feeling. Thank you

  • @lady-treyah @Onis-Brooks Thank you so much for your response! This is wonderful to hear and our team is very excited about this feedback.

  • I am a tarot enthusiast, but have skipped tarot for a year or two to focus on studies and work. Returning to this website last week feels like I am meeting someone new! I noticed the website's new design and it is absolutely fantastic! I love your website! It is filled with tarot, astrology, horoscope, and numerology goodies! Things that keep my enthusiasm uplifted! Keep up the good work! ☺ 👍

  • @marianne THANK YOU for the lovely compliments! We are happy to have you back 🙂

  • Abosolutely love it. ❤

  • Absolutely Attractive and well define the tarot

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