Need a psychic answer or a reading...Watergirl, Blumoon or Captain

  • Had a very close friend pass recently. Can you give me some perspective/insight on what you pick-up regarding this passing. Anything would be a blessing...

  • His name is Michael dob 08/12/43. Date of passing probably 08/16/18.

  • It's a bit soon for a connection but I can tell you his passing was quick. I'm getting an event to the brain. Sudden, and instant. A stroke? Or a fall that may have caused bleeding on the brain. I just see blood in the head. But his health was very iffy. He hadn't felt well for awhile. He had pain issues and medication was a struggle for him. On and off meds many times. He didn't trust meds. He was a private person and unless you knew him well would not know just how much he was a silent worrier. He was depressed but it wasn't clinical and others may have not noticed. He wasn't a complainer. Aging was rough for him. He feared disease but kept it inside. He wasn't a hypochondriac but he was realistic and every weird symptom had him anxious.He feared most being incapacitated. THAT would be something he had remarked on many times. He probably told you he'd go out on his own terms. He may have remarked that if he had cancer he'd buy a gun or play in traffic....something like that in a joking way. He was having chest pains but I don't think that is what killed him. I see a decline that escalated for three months. He had some bleeding and imagined colon cancer. He had a bad shoulder. He did not sleep well . His eyesight was going...some days worse than others. He started having dizzy spells. Did he just go on new blood pressure med? He did get something new and hated it? Not sure what it was for but he thought it was causing his dizziness. Again, he didn't trust meds and wondered if they made things worse. He may have recently stopped taking something. I just see that again....a habit he had with taking meds then not. Mostly, I get he went out exactly as he had hoped. Very quick. He says he lived life on his terms. He compensated for his silent fears by living in a fearless way. In his younger days he would have been leader of the pack. Scary stuff would have not bothered him. Tough on the outside but often anxious in a hidden way. It was important for him not to be weak. He was a loyal person if he loved you. Good friends would have worried about him taking in strangers at times. He didn't dwell on mistakes. And he hated whiners but had a soft spot for anyone truly in need. He says "no regrets!" BLESSINGS!

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  • @blmoon That is something I was wondering--if the passing was sudden. He did have a blow to the head they think from falling. There was a lot of blood from this. There are several things that concern me about this. There was some blood in an area a little away from where he was found, significant amount. I found while cleaning. About 3 ft away. They think he passed on a thurs eve. I was the last to see him around 9pm. I had made dinner and he seemed ok although he drank. I work the wkend so it wasn't unusual for us not to talk. A friend called me the following Mon telling me the police were there and he had smelled an odor,etc. The medical examiner said it was CHF. Mike never went to the dr. and bought vitamins, supplements, herbs. He was a distributor at one time. Very possible something was making him dizzy as he took a lot each day. It's also been extremely hot here. No doubt he probably had a bleed to the brain. They didn't want me to see his body. I talked to his brother the other day and still hasn't got the medical report. Mike thought he was indestructible. I think he was depressed although not clinical like you say. You described him to a T. He never met a stranger and would talk to everyone. He would find out their health issues and he would try to help the natural way w/supplements. He cried when Aretha Franklin died--he passed same day. He made the remark he was surprised he'd lasted this long. I've never heard him say that before. But he would NEVER tell me if there was something wrong. Very fearless. Grew up in Hawaii and brother tells me that he would tackle the enormous waves. One of the best surfers in the area. His brother describes him as very proud. He was loyal, my best friend. Help whenever and whatever. The stranger part is something that has me and others worried. He lived by an undesirable area and right on a highway. You have a strong connection w/him. I need to know if you pick up any stranger or intruder. And any message for me. Tell him I miss him so much..

  • @daliolite
    Thanks for the reply. Now I get the constant reminder no meds no meds. Didn't trust meds. But Kept seeing him taking something but not. Off and on. Now it makes sense is that he treated himself and used trial and error. I'm very much the same!! I will look up supplements and herbs first. Some work for you but sometimes some cause reactions. Or you just take awhile then stop when feeling better. I myself have so many supplements I couldn't possibly take all of them. I did get the blood pressure issue and possibly no med so I'm thinking he didn't have that under control. I too will have blood pressure rise and there are supplements that work but I also take my blood pressure myself and I don't play on that one. Maybe this is why I do relate to him very much and got a good connection despite the early passing. Usually, you may get a small visit or dream but there is not much connection too soon for a full reading. My grandfather had high blood pressure but blew off doctors and meds. He also drank everyday. Not in a drunken way but it was daily. Years after my grandmother died he was found like your friend.......only it had been more than a few days. No one knows. But he was found as well with lot's of blood and it was determined his blood pressure was probably sky high and a blood vessel burst in the nose ....he got a nosebleed but then bled out. I'm being shown this because it seems a similar possibility. He may have had a thirty second window to stumble or walk a few feet but it was quick. Here's the thing about reading for you on this. Because this is emotional for you I am going to pick up him AND you. So there's a possibility that the mention of fearing strangers was coming from you even though it was true. He didn't fear such things. .It seems he was very clear that his passing was very quick and even if he hit his head there was no fear. I think his blood pressure was VERY high and his health was poor. I think his emotional state had been on the stressful side for awhile...which will raise blood pressure. I also hear him say DEHYDRATION! That was the dizzy weakness he was having and he said he missed that one and kept trying to treat himself and totally missing that he was dehydrated and instead he stressed about it. As I said, he only feared being incapacitated....ending up in a hospital with no control and being forced to go with medical treatments. He had to be having headaches and muscle cramping which probably increased his drinking just for relief. Drinking made his dehydration worse of course. I am not seeing any one else there when he died. His message to you is giving me enough of his personalty so you know he IS still around and NO REGRETS! AND mostly, despite the questions and loss on your end he wants you to know it was his time and what a blessings to him he went quick. Going quick was important to him. I can only give you what he wants you to hear. He is not saying anything crime wise happened. He says there was nothing you could have done to change anything. He did not lay there calling out or afraid or suffered at all. It was very quick. He didn't have time to even process what was happening. After the autopsy results you can ask me again and I will see if he has anything else to say. On the other side, spirits do not have that earthly view of needing justice for crimes if it was their time. It's the living that bear that burden. Usually, I'm very sensitive to pick up any sense of evil around a connection but I'm not getting that. My first thought was STROKE and seeing blood from the brain. I was shown a lot of blood. Could be the stroke came first and the fall secondary but I'm not getting anymore than that. It's early still for a message so you are lucky and there may be more later but for now his wish is for you to be happy for him. He says he had a good life and facing aging with all the possible health interventions ahead was NOT for him and he was feeling the pressure. BLESSINGS! PS.....He just showed me he is riding a big wave! remember him like that.

  • @blmoon Thank you Blumoon. Have a few questions for you and take your time. I haven't had any psychic impressions although I was always sorta prepared because of his drinking. He overdrank continually. I was closer to him than anyone except maybe my mom. Knew him about 9yrs. He lived 1.5 miles from me. Talked all the time. He was a talker. Maybe that explains the good connection. St Therese said without love and deeds even the most brilliant count as nothing. He had both, ok. I get bound-up with my own stuff, activities, work and bypassed him that wkend. Mon the day I found out, I was watering plants and trees and spirit whispered in my ear...I am so sorry...a womans voice. What I wanted to ask you is why don't I feel his presence. It feels to me like he's gone. Everyone who's helped at his house have said the same. They have no fear, don't sense anything evil or anything lingering, etc. Thank you for telling me about your grandfather. Sounds like Mike. He would hand mow his yard and was suffering dehydration and was working on drinking more water. He mainly worked outside and the inside of his house was not good. Back in 2011 I saw an image at his house on Christmas Day. Will try to post. The way the light shined on his bookcase, near where he sat, said LIVE. Will try to post. This has been so emotionally hard. And, of course, had a couple of other things yeah. Take your time. When your ready, wk, month, etc let me know. Love always...

  • @daliolite
    Interesting that declaration to LIVE. It has two meanings. One is literal as in still breathing and taking up space. The other is a expanded view of what it really means to be ALIVE. He would never sacrifice one for the other. I am sorry for your loss. After the emotions have their way you will make sense of the synchronicity of recent events and see how facing change can serve you in a positive way. BLESSINGS!

  • @daliolite will feel his presence soon enough!

  • God (Yahweh) knew I would be around to see his passing. He didn't see it. I pointed it out. He lives, so we do and we should carry on. I'm ok. Miss my buddy. Love.

  • @daliolite I am so sorry for your loss my friend. Sending you virtual hugs. Glad that Blmoon was able to help...

  • @watergirl18 Thank you Watergirl. I'd like to pull Blmoon out the screen and hug her. Literally.

  • Hi Blmoon, I got the medical report this past wk. There was no foul play which had a lot of us wondering. They knew that early but I still wasn't convinced because of some blood I found in a different area. His coronary arteries had over 95% blockage, his aortic valve had moderate blockage. My pain hasn't decreased because we were so close. Actually, feels worse. The sudden-ness doesn't help. You are right he didn't want any efforts to prolong his life. He didn't believe in drs. Wish he did. I helped straighten his house, prepared the funeral and basically everything else involved. This wk I was talking w/his brother about his ashes and where his mom and him would scatter them in Hawaii. While on the phone I noticed this figure in this seaside picture in my room. It looks like Mike sitting down and starring at the ocean. He use to sit for hrs by the side of his house. Synchronicity. I never paid a lot of attention to the figure but it stuck me while on the phone. It helps but the pain doesn't decrease. He was my best friend- I believe ever. If you think you can connect would appreciate anything you can offer for me or thru him. thks, love.

  • @daliolite
    all that artery blockage explains the bad shoulder feeling I got. He would have had the usual shoulder or jaw pain men get with a blockage. That synchronicity event you had was his presence and I remember last he said he wanted you to remember him by the sea, riding the waves. He knew you were mostly stuck on his possible final hours or minutes. He doesn't want you dwelling on the what ifs. His passing was very quick and he knew he was declining for awhile. I'd say the last six months of his life he did feel anxiety over the inevitable and he still says he went out his way and that was just fine as he felt OK with his life. Because he was so fearless in his younger days he had a peaceful truce with death. He lived life full on so he didn't have a lot of regret . He faced death like he did a big mighty wave. It was the thought of dying bit by bit....being in others control in a hospital or a rehab home. THAT was his only true fear in life. And he didn't trust the medical profession. If he had had the blockage fixed earlier it would not have changed his feelings about meds and tests and doctor visits. A stroke would still have been an issue and he would not have changed his life style. It really is OK. He says he was never alone with a big grin. I'm hearing because some folks may have felt he was alone but he says he always had the best of friends and he thanks you. He attracted free spirits and gentle souls and he loved a wicked sense of humor and yes a good buzz. He only wishes he had a young mans body to go with his old wise self as he was maybe a bit restless in his younger days but said that was only because he had a hard time in the love department. He didn't fit the mold are his words. He was not easy to tame and was very set in his ways. The women in his life had to be patient and downright psychic to know what was on his mind sometimes. On a positive note he really did master the freedom of living "in the moment". He would like you to take that with you. To live fully in the moment and to not fear mistakes. He mentions that he felt you hang on to the small stuff and are too hard on yourself. I feel you miss that non judgmental acceptance he showered you with. You felt good around him. He was more forgiving than you were with yourself and those kinds of people are dearly missed because they do touch others with their sincerity. He was very much "live and let live". He did have a tough side if he needed it but mostly he didn't waste energy pissing in the wind. What his passing offers you at a timely time is for you to relax into your sensitivity. To make the transition from earthly presence to recognizing and believing in the spirit presence. Never second guess when you suddenly think of almost always is a sign. He also, shows me a hawk. He had a spirit connection to hawks and when you see a hawk know he is saying hello. He says you deserve a home. A real home. Don't settle he says. Know what you want and go for it without compromise. He hopes he left you with the bravery and entitlement to have things your own way and he sends you white roses altho he says out of the corner of his mouth that you are a wild flower kinda girl and picking you a bunch by the side of the road would have made your day. You were his Angel and deserve white roses and he will always watch over you. What a sweet man! BLESSINGS!

  • Oh gosh, thank you! Bravery and entitlement--he was never afraid to speak his mind to people. He attracted free-spirits. It's amazing how God shows us things or, in my case, has them lined-up prior. Like the live sign, now the figure sitting by the sea in the picture. He knew that Michael would be a prominent figure in my life. I believe the anxiety he had would be getting sick and yes this is his spirit that you wrote about. I still feel like I'm going to see him again. I've been asking for that. Hard to tame--yes. Hard to explain completely someone that is your friend unconditionally. Gosh I miss him. I'll be ok. I've been talking w/his brother re cleaning his house, things he wants, long talks about Mike, etc. It's been kinda helpful. Would like to go to Hawaii next yr. He sent me a couple magazines on things to do there. Going to my sisters in a couple weeks. Went down to Mike's house this eve to pay a friend who is helping w/it. His spirit has left there totally. I feel he knows his remains are in Hawaii. Thank you for responding so fast. I haven't had a lot of time to get on here lately. I was thinking lately of how I feel that I have to hide the fact around others that I can channel and pick-up things. People don't always understand and think it's evil. Even after everything you get is right. I've decided that this gift is not given to all and what a divine gift to let others know that their loved ones are here. Your thoughts. Love.

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