• It has gotten to the point where I feel physically drained all the time. When I do go anywhere like any store there are times I have to simply leave and go back later when there are less people because of all the negative energy I feel, the negative is sometimes overwhelming like little pins at my skin. When I sit with others and listen to their ups and downs I feel elated with them and when they are telling me of heartbreak I physically feel it and cry with them. So far I've acted for two people who needed massive help just to have a voice and it has literally cost me everything when I say everything I mean my whole home all contents stolen and the thieves used our very court as the tool to carry out their criminal activity. The extreme loss I've ensured is unreal. I know it could be way worse and thank God I and those close to me are healthy and I can rebuild. But the feeling drained all the time is very well exhausting. It's gotten a little better only after I break myself off from every body and meditate. But that is starting to upset those who are close to me. I've tried to explain to them it's not them and I just need these moments so that I'm better when I am around them. My niece said to me the other day...aunt kimmer you are the positive stuff that makes us so happy. For that I'm happy but it takes so much out of me. Is there anyway to shield off the bad vibes as I once believed I was able to? I think that is my major issue? What is anyone's take on this? Thanks

  • You have to learn to psychically protect yourself. There are many ways to do so - search the net.

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