New to Numerology

  • Hi there I have just started on Tarot and been though the main cards. But I also like to start on Numerology. But how does one start, like can I go onto the web sites and find information and where are the web sites. If anyone can help me let me know, many thanks David.

  • Hi David,

    I've started delving into the Numerology aspect of the Tarot this year as well. I've got Tarot books that also discuss Numerology. That's one of my sources. But you will find plenty of free information online. The web site has some good information, and some free downloads. Check this site out for example:

    The numbers from 1 to 10 on your Tarot cards are the 10 stages from the 'Tree of Life'. This also mimics Numerologies '9 Personal Year Cycles' except on the ToL 9 & 10 are combined in the PYC's 9.

    In a nutshell, this is how I interpret the 10 numbers:

    1 - beginnings, planting of seeds or roots

    2 - dvision from initial unity; a quest for equilibrium of opposing forces

    3 - natural growth that follows from division; Discover and the quest for 'self' (individualism)

    4 - a time of work and building; After discovery, it's time to start doing, building, and becoming

    5 - disintegration, change, rebirth (the Phoenix)

    6 - after disintegration, bringing back harmony, stability, and balance

    7 - higher power, self-actualization, spirituality

    8 - finalizing balance and equilibrium; realizing the fruits of your labors, just rewards or judgement (depending on your labors)

    9 - transformation, empathy, growth

    10 - conclusions, completion, release

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