Questions about Educational Difficulties.

  • I am getting ready to start six five week course. I know that difficulties lie ahead. What is the best approach to take in dealing with these difficulties?

  • Be yourself and do your best as you know you can. Dont let or allow anyone else to say differently. Its all you can do anyhows. Good luck sweetie

  • Talking to your teachers is key. If you don't understand something, need some extra help, or just have a question, talk to them! This helps you in two ways - 1) you'll get the understanding that you need and 2) the teacher will know that you're really interested in succeeding and that can make all the difference. I've had grades that were between A's and B's and because the teacher's knew how dedicated I was, I got the A. Also, if you think you've answered something correctly, but gotten it marked wrong, sometimes teachers are willing to give you the point if you can logically explain your position. And, sometimes, teachers can be wrong - so if you really believe that you're correct, you might very well be.

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