A tarot reading please! Overall

  • If there is someone on here that could please give me an overall reading. Id greatly appreciate it. I dont have any prefrence on type of deck or anyhting in that nature. Thank you.

  • I would like to help you. But I do not use tarot cards. I can help you with using my intuition. And I have a good intuition. Some have said that I am a psychic, so it has been useful.

    It would be easier if you say a few things about yourself, so that it is easier to tune into your energy. So that I can feel how you feel for example. Then I can feel your surroundings , your past and precence and from there your future. But only bits and pieces. I am not a psychic in my own view. But I can help if you tell me a bit of what is on your mind. But I dont promice anything.

    Please, just let me practice;) I would love to see if my intuition could be helpful to you aswell.

  • Thanks Hw but atm I would hope someone could give me a tarot reading.

  • Hi again HW!

    I d still appreciate a tarot reading from someone please. I posted a subject in Divination. Id really appreciate your input.

  • Good evening TheHangedWoman I would like for you to use your intution on me. My name is Illona and my dob 07/12/1961 and his is 10/04/1974 his is Oct 4. Do you see him moving in with me. Thank You so much


  • Hw is awsome. Im sure swhell beable to give yousome insight. BLD is his name mike? I feel at this time you both may have been divoreced before and you both are ready to move on. I also feel you may be ready for the big change but he is kind of on the fence about this. I do feel he just doesnt want to make the same mistakes as he did before. Do not fear or doubt just go with it. Hope all is well and everything works out.

  • Can anyone give me a tarot reading? Much appreciated.

  • Hi Serious,

    I did a tarot reading for you.

    Nine of Stones...Material Gain


    The Wheel of fortune reversed...Chance

    Five of wands reversed ...Defeat

    I interpreted these cards to mean that you have a fear of success. I feel that you get scared every time things start to go well for you. It's as though you don't trust the universe. Like if something good happens then something bad is sure to happen. I don't know if these feelings have to do with a religious upbringing that focused too much on sin, or if you somehow picked up this way of thinking on your own. I do feel that you need to get a handle on this as this is a very stressful way to go through life. I think positive affirmations might be helpful. ex...I have nothing to fear. The universe is a benevolent place. I am loved and supported. Success is good. I deserve good things to happen to me.

    I hope this reading made sense to you.

  • thank you so much MD! it makes perfect sense to me 🙂

  • You're welcome.

  • can u help me HW MY DOB IS 15/07/09 and his is 27/07/09...does he really love me...??

  • Your not that old are ya moon?

  • Hello Hanged Woman.....Could you do a psychic reading for me please...my d.o.b. is 21.02.54...I feel that my love- life is at a standstill ...can you help?

  • Hi littlemoon.

    I dont know what to do with the birtdates anyway. The only information I get from that, is how old you are. Unless you are born in 1909, I am sure that you gave up the wrong dates. I am not a psychic (what really is a psychic?) and I dont understand astrology, nor runes, tarot, i-ching or anything else. I only do the latihan in subud and nothing else. Although I have read the whole bible serveral times, due to my own personal interest, I dont even go to church (although I might do on regular basis in far future). I dont do readings in that manner at all. I worship God Allmighty, and I will not help anybody without telling them this. I just use my own sensitivity and intuition.

    Immediately when I saw your little post, I felt that you love your husband, but he doesnt love you. To be sure about it, I looked through your other posts, and I saw what you have written about his behaviour.

    I do get that he did love you before. He loved your trust and innoncense, he was open to you before. He used to love you. I feel your love and humility for him so much, that I think it is peculiar why he doesnt just take it in and accept it. But I think perhaps he feels he does not deserve it. You are good to him.

    So this is not about you doing something wrong. It could be, though, that he needs leadership in his life, and he can not get that from you because you are just there, you cant give him the guidance that he needs. It is difficult. Since you cannot give it to him, since you care about him and do not want to or know how to guide him. He needs guidance, not just support.

    I think perhaps he feels a bit stuck in his "spiritual" life; his work, his economy development, his social life...Perhaps mostly his social life. I wonder if he doesnt have friends whom he can talk to. That is his poverty. So he is living in a poverty mentality: "I dont have this, I dont have that..." He is alone. Men need men, women need women. He needs friends, and at the same time he feels stuck to just continue on the same path. He feels he can not change, and that he is not giving you the love that you need. But that is because of his focus. It is a spiritual rule: When we are feeling poor (spiritually), if we continue to focus on it, then there will be no improvement until we focus upwardsly. When we look down, sin is near, when we look up, we have no problems. His focus is downward, he is complaining about his feeling of being stuck. He feels that there is no improvement in his life, and he does not believe that there ever will be.

    That is why his mother and father does not want him to be without you. They understand that he is just depressed. Yes, he is depressed.

    Perhaps you can find someone whom he can talk to, someone he can confine himself to. Not you, because he is embarrased about himself. Someone whom he can really trust. It would be good that it would not be you, since you are so good and caring. Have you heard about co-dependence? That is what it is called when a person helps another without seeing the result, and then the helper becomes depressed that the help did not help. So the best is that he sees a person whom he truly can trust who is not you.

    Ask the local doctor for advice. Perhaps there is a solution to this that does not involve divorce.

    You are good and utterly good. He is just interested in complaining and being alone. So he thinks you are in the way for his sulking. He doesnt believe that his sulking mood can stop. Nor does he want to. That is why he is stuck. He needs to talk to someone, so that he might see the light in the tunnel. Not you, he does not want you to stop respecting him (his illusion). His mainly attraction in his regular life, is towards his couch to sulk in his lonelyness.

    So perhaps you will see a new man when he has gotten a person to confide in. Ask a doctor.

    But perhaps you need to do something good for yourself. He needs to see that he is not a burden to you. Go out, go for walks, dont forget to invite him with you (even if he says no). There needs to be change in your lives. But please dont think that this has anything to do with you. You are good.

  • Hi littlemoon. Again. I want to write more about your marriage.

    What if you start doing the pilates or other kind of relaxed excercise? Thai-chi is like a slow dance, with small short kicks once in a while...I think. Or other type of excercise that you would find suits you. Ask the doctor about the symptoms of depression, when a man is depressed. Since women and men have different behavior when depressed.

    If he doesnt want to tell you about his inner "stuckness" then dont pressure him to talk. It is natural for men to focus inwardly when in "trouble".

    Have you read Women are from venus, men are from march? There are other books he has written aswell, see if you can find books about how men are when depressed. Check the link: http://home.marsvenus.com/ Try to see if there is any link there to ask him or another professional for advice, I think that is what the site is about.

    I am sure your husband do care about you and love you still, but there is just no room for it in his heart because of his depression. If he doesnt change, though, dont be a co-dependent as I explained before. You must protect yourself and take care of yourself. If you manage to do that, then the hope for improvement in both your lives is a lot closer. He needs to see that you are not being distroyed by him. I am sure that is why he sometimes feel there just must be a divorce. He is stuck in his depression and doesnt want to take you with him.

  • eforever: please say a bit about yourself so I can help you.

  • Good morning to you THW how are you doing today. I would like to know what do you feel about me going on this cruise on the 26th of this month. I would like for that other person to go but he won't give me a answer. So how do you feel about this. Is this what I really need. And yesterday I took the test for the chp for 911 operator and I do believe that I really did so good on the test.

    Have a wonderful and bless day


  • Blackladydiver: I feel perhaps you will go on this trip alone, since he is feeling loyal to his grandfather who is sick. He doesnt feel like going for a trip. I think you will go alone, and I think you will have a nice time on the cruice. I think you will have an inner peace while on this trip. You will spend time delving inside of yourself, contemplating about your inner journey in this life.

    You will reach an understanding about your relationship on this trip. And when you come back you will feel more sure about what you want. I dont think your boyfriend has anything against that you go without him. It is quite incredible how much he trusts you, whereas I see a woman with dark long hair, slim figure and good looking, who has in the past, before he met you, violated his trust immencely. I am not sure with what nature. I dont know about infidelity, but I get that she was aggressive, agitative, and that there were s lot of shouting and empty accusations. She hurt him a lot, and somehow he still trusts you a lot. So I dont think there will be any problem with your relationship if you go alone. I rather think that the solitude will give you time to delve inside yourself, and that it will help you feel more sure about your choices in life when you come back.

    I dont know if you have gotten the job for the 911. But I am one hundret percent sure that you would fit perfectly in such a job. You tolerate a lot of stress from other people, if others scream and shout you are able to stay calm and keep the other person focused on the facts. You are a friend that anyone would want to have.

  • Thank You so much. I guess I was being a little mean at the moment. I know that he probably would not come. I guess I was hoping maybe he would. But you don't feel like I pass the test for the 911 operater I really want that job. But about the girl you are talking about I think that is his wirfe. I do know that there was something that she did that hurt him alot. And that is why I think he does not like to fight in any way. He will not talk to me if he thinks that I am upset with him. I did in June get really upset with him and he just would not react back. He does not fight. And yes I do believe that he trusts me very much and he as no reason to think different because I would not ever do anything to hurt him. You know ThW I trust him to. Thanks so much

  • You dont need to be upset at him because he doesnt want to come with you. He feels the need to stay where he is. When you come back from the trip, you will be glad he didnt come with you. Because you will feel at peace more than now because of your contemplation and enjoying the peace and quiet and the luxury of being there. It will be good for you.

    When you come back, you will be able to see more clearly what you have with your boyfriend and what you want and be even more able to be good for him, because of your peace. You have a peace that his soul really needs, and there is not much to do but wait. Healing is a process, where we slowly let go of thoughts and feelings.

    It is said that it takes only a short time, even perhaps five minutes, to distroy a soul, but it can take lifetimes before it is fully healed. So this is to illustrate how devastating a mistake can be. One persons sin towards another, and the victim is affected by it, even if it just took a few minutes to do the crime. This has to do with how we are connected with our mind and body. Our mind and body remember, and we have to let go in order to be free from it. And that is difficult, because the mind and body and feelings have such a strong impact on the soul. So that is why we must surrender our everything to God, so that the impact of the world will be weaker, so that God can guide us again (as when we were children).

    I dont see him have interest for anybody than you, so I dont see any reason to not trust him. That is good.

    About that 911 operator job, I think you should get the job, but I dont have any premonitions of the outcome. That would be to lie if I said yes or no on that. I dont want to say wether you will or not, but I think you should. I think you are very apt.

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