Future of The Hanged Woman?

  • Hi guys.

    Do any of you see my future? Tell me if you need any additional information. I would appreciate it if any of you guys with psychic abilities would do this for me.

  • Moving this up to the first page again 😉 Cheeky me.

  • Love that cheekiness!!! LOL! 🙂

    I hope someone with psychic abillity is able to give you some info.

  • Hi. Anyone. I would love to have a full reading on me and my future. Can anyone give me this?

  • Ok, Cris1962 did write this to me:

    "You will find a group of people, but I get that it will start off with only one or two at first. The group will grow from there. You may move from where you presently live and will take your daughter with you, or encourage her to go too, depending on her age at the time this happens. Your biggest lesson in this life has been to trust yourself and your instincts and I feel you began to learn this very early on, even though you have doubted yourself quite often."

    I do believe that this is true, and thank you Chris for that.

    I just have to be patient. Patience is a virtue, because we have to let go of our own need to control the situation. And because patience is a sign that we trust God. I am just in between having fear that all is just a dream that will not come true. As Cris1962 did say aswell.

    Patience. Patience. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. I must do it. I must do it. I must do it. I must do it. I am obsessed about it. I must master my life as I have planned. I must not fail. I must continue to receive healing even if I am healed. I must continue to become healed until I am perfect. Perfect means that I have become a true worshiper of God. A true servant of healing. A true healer. A healer of myself first. Then a true follower of the healing power in the world.

    This is not possible for me to do. It is impossible. So the only way for this to happen with me is if I continue to believe that God can heal me and change me into becoming a perfect tool for His will. A perfect tool for the healing energy. I must accept it. I must accept this. I just HATE the conventional life and I MUST DO IT.

    So please, "God", LET YOUR WILL BE DONE, and not mine. Because I just want to give up. I have to surrender that will to the one who can do everything. My life is a contious surrendering of own power to the healer of my soul. Amen.

    I am just feeling restless. I will not give up my life just for my ego`s sake. And my ego really has its own will. It just wants to jump over a cliff or something. Well, I wish it could without me. But I have to completely let it seperate itself from me by surrendering it to God. Oh my ego, oh my life partner, you have been such a burden for me. I let you go. Heaven, thank you for coming down on me. Let me surrender myself to you so that I will become free. Let me surrender my soul to you, so that you can separate that wich I dont need from me. Take out from me that wich I dont need. I am burdening myself with believing in that piece of s*it that is constantly saying I am not good enough. Please let me believe fully in you. You have said that we are gods. You have said that we are gods in this world. You have said that we are your children. Let me believe in that. Let me believe. Your will, not mine. Thank you.

    As Jesus said: Heaven has allready come. All we need to do is receive it. And that is what is difficult. To just trust the light. To just trust the light.

  • Oh, in lack of something better to do, I now correct that misspelling that I have made up there

    "My life is a continous surrendering of own power to the healer of my soul. Amen."

    And amen to that - indeed.

    I see that this thread is only meant for me. lol

  • Hello TheHangedWoman. I was thinking of you. Actually, out of all the members on here, you always rise to my thoughts the most. Maybe the name, maybe because of what you say. As for your future, though I don't claim to see ahead of time, I see reward for your efforts. I think that if you continue to work as you have been working, but also be a little less hard on yourself, take time to acknowledge your progress, you will be rewarded for your efforts. This reward may come in the form of a new feeling of self-worth, a new friend, or even just a period of time that feels clear and hopeful, but I do see this coming to you. My only advice would be to love yourself more. You already have self love but you doubt your efforts a lot and you doubt your healing and cleansing. Just know that one day is another step and you do the best to make the most of each day. You will be cleansed and healed, with time, so in the meantime continue to keep faith and enjoy the ride. I think your family, home life, work life will all stay similar but you may just be blessed with an extra kick in your step, feeling of comfort or safety, or even a new friend. I say smile theHangedWoman, for good things await. Just remind yourself everyday that your future is a bright one 😃

    Universal Harmony

  • Hi, I know you have turned your trust to God--Yahweh-Jehovah. Have faith and believe. I think there's something going on here that your not mentioning. I don't always read thru all the posts. Are you and daughter living with your father. What has always helped me is branching-out on my own and following my own best judgement which others may call intuition. You truly must be on your own and stable. The best I can do is to take care of myself. I think I do alright taking care of myself. Times get hard but no one can manage you but you. I tell you this because this is what works for me and how I was raised. It seems to be true also with this economy. It's hard just to take care of oneself. There is quite a bit you can accomplish. Be sure to talk to people that can help you.

  • Yes. We all have to take care of ourselves. I sometimes inbetween get restless or rather impatient. Because it is an enormous challenge to only receive and not give anything back to the Lord. It is so much easier when we know what to do. But when the only thing to do is nothing, absolutely nothing, and just receive, just let the light in, that is really a challenge. I have become healed, and it even panicks me a bit to think about the healing that will come. That is so immence, such an unbelievable "task" that the Lord has given me: that I should JUST receive. Oh, my patience, I beg you to stay. Impatience is a feeling that come because I want to see it NOW; it is a sign of lack of faith. I must just let the flow take me where it wants me; the flow of light that is taking care of me. And I just have to accept that there is no "future" that anyone need to explain to me about. I know perfectly well how my future will and must happen. Because the Light is giving me what I need and want - in the right time. I can not push the process forward. That will just stop the healing process, because then I have taken control over it myself. And that is just not possible to manage successfully. And I thank God for doing it for me. That is all that the Light wants us to do: Receive it without trying to control the process.

    Thanks for the nice words, Universalharmony and Dalia.

  • See that's what I like about you TheHangedWoman, you always look at other peoples advice and words and normally find your own solution from them. You look within and get the answer you have been looking for. I am glad you feel the way you do and have come to the conclusion that you have come to. Your future will unfold as you see it because you see it. Therefore it will manifest. I know what you mean about patience though, I have to say that is something I have to work on too. Being patient and just letting what happens, happens instead of waiting for the end outcome is tough, I feel you on that one. Patience will grow too though, if it is what we desire.

  • Hi Universal Harmony.

    I just read above in this thread what you feel will happen in my future. I see you understand me more than I thought. You are really sensitive.

    You are right that I have doubted my healing a bit. Or rather, I have feared that I would loose patience and move out from my track. And then fail. That has been my fear.

    Patience is truly a key virtue. Healing requires an enormous enormous amount of patience. A lot of waiting. It is like being a witness. And witnessing demons being removed out from my soul. Being removed by a higher power. It is wonderful and requires submission in that power that does it. The demons are a word that I use to illustrate emotions and strong wills that comes from lower forces. Materialistic needs, need to be liked, need to have control over own life. To in a way just live without real responcibility. Real responcibility is really to accept the inner guidance (from the inner Light and Healer) and accept change that comes from that.

    Some things are difficult to accept. All the illusions that one want to believe in. The guidance from the healing power is forcing me to let go of those illusions. Oh, and that is a real challenge. To let go of illusions. And to believe in that guidance more than illusions. That is not always so easy.

    And I have come to realise, fantastically, that I am going to succeed. Wow. But what I truly seek, is inner peace. And from the inner peace comes miracles. Because the outer world reflects the inner world. The inner healing will manifest in the body and in the world around. The actions will be actions out of a healed soul. The words spoken will be words spoken from a healed soul. But what I am writing about is an image, not yet reality. I think in far future I have received lasting peace. I have worried that I will give up. But I think I will succeed. My dream come true. My dream is to be at peace completely, to find true clarity, to be a fully healed soul. And a fantastic thing is: I am amasingly on the right path. Thanks for reading.

    The Hanged Woman

  • Amen sister. Being the light within the light takes patience and trust..and letting go.

    Blessings and light,


  • Hi once again guys.

    Yes, I am still thinking too much about this that I want to achieve. I know that it is not up to me, it is up to the invisible higher power that I call God. I understand that I think too much about it. And that is actually what prevents me the most from receiving the excact events that I want to receive.

    I have now not done my spiritual excercise since september last year. Hmm. Easter time I will spend one week with doing this excercise, aswell as testing things for me; ask questions and receive answers about my life and myself and my goals. Just different areas that need to be focused on by Spirit and not just my mind.

    I know I think too much about this. And what I am hoping to achieve is absolutely above the thinking.

    Please just wish me the best and believe with me that what I am hoping to receive or achieve will arrive in due time.

    Last year I was in a constant receiving, where I constantly received inner healing from the light. I am in this year in a process where things are happening all the time - I am in a position where I need to work all the time, so the inner voyage is not with me anymore, so to speak. I really truly wish that what I seek will arrive in my life this year or next year.

    I have all this time, since 2003/2004, said to myself: This year or next year it will happen. It is really amazing that I even believe it is possible, because it is truly not possible for me to do this at all.

    That is also why I dont even mention what I am hoping to achieve. It is so impossible and so amazing.

    Hope I make it. My patience is becoming a part of the past - I am impatient to see this happen like **** [had to make some bleeps there]

  • Hello TheHangedWoman and G'day to you !

    I am not the greatest one for handing out advice or with words , but do like to when I feel it may be of help to someone :O). I have learned that in order to

    received all that we are looking for or wishing for to happen in our lives , we have

    to ask for it and then just let it go to the universe .Releasing it form our thoughts .

    If we hold on to tightly to what we do wish for , it is never truly being released .We have to say want we want and then just ( let it go ) and not even think about it . Easier said then done sometimes I know .That even applies to situations that aren't good for us . We just have to let go of them . So put your wishes out there my Friend :O). Let them go and replace those thoughts with things you like to do, that you know brings your joy and a sense of inner peace .

    You must also try to be calm, because when we are always upset about things , we may overlook the opportunities or signs of the actual things we looking for , when it is put out there for us .:O) Well , I just felt compelled to pass that onto you .But then again you may of already knew all this stuff . I hope you don't mind me sending this message to you , maybe I was suppose to . Here's a Angel for you ^A^,better yet here's 2^A^ ^A^ one for each side of you !

    Have a Awesome Day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • HangedWoman, Is your desire for now or are your thoughts it will come in the near future?

    I have been advised to think of whatever it is I want or to do, it is IN THE NOW. For if you think of it coming in the future it will always be in the future to come.

    Example: for my I would think I will be helthy soon, when I should be saying "I AM NOW HEALTHY".

    Food for thought for you HangedWoman.

    Julianna Lovingsilverwings

  • Very true, Julianna. Very true. Thats why I have written in my post that I think too much about it. That is the very thing that prevents it from happening. It is like a song repeating itself. I look forward till easter, when I am travelling and staying somewhere where I can focus on letting go of this everlasting flow of willpower from myself. It really is the only obstacle. What I have to do is to let go of the fantacy world where I wish for this to happen - and instead just live it and be it and do it. Not from my mind, but just because it is true and real and now in the present. Oh, I am impatient....I just have to go through the whole process. There is no short-cuts other than to let go of the flow of thoughts, and just live in the now, as I have learned. Difficult without letting go, though. I really look forward to let go of ideas and feeling that I have to "do" something. Actually, the whole challenge is to not do anything, but just trust and let go.

    Thanks for your input.

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