Love issue: what do cards really mean)

  • Hey,

    I decided to ask the Tarot what he does feel for me. I find difficult to get what they mean , because my questions is directed to his feelings and I keep on reading it as for my self. Help!

    I pulled these cards:

    Daily lesson: queen of coins

    Cahllenges/ opportunities: seven of cups

    Situation: two of wands

    advice: seven of coins

    near future: the high Priestless

    What do you guys think??


  • This is a confusing spread for the question 'how does he feel'. Its kind of a simple answer that you've broken up into sections that don't really have to do with what you want to know. The only positions that really help you are the situation and near future, and maybe challenges.

    Next time, a simple 'past, present, future' will suffice. Or, just pull a card or two.

    Situation: Well, it looks like, with regards to his feelings, he has a decision to make. I guess he doesnt really know how he feels about you, or maybe there are other things he has to work out before he can focus on them.

    Near Future: The high priestess for feelings usually means he either feels like your mysterious, maybe even confusing...or, he's putting you on a pedestal and feels like your a bit unattainable. High Priestess is a nice card to get for feelings. Id say its a pretty high opinion of you and much better then the 2 of wands.

    Challenges: 7 of cups...this kind of goes with the 2 of wands. It looks like he either has a lot of options and has to decide, or maybe there's too much going on in his life right now to think about you. Or maybe he has to work through some illusions he has to get to his real feelings.

    So, in total, if this is for him it looks like for the most part he's still thinking about how he feels. From the future position, it looks like either you'll still be a mystery, but not in a bad way (I like the high priestess card) or his opinion of you will be a good one.

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