Astrology and Compatibility?

  • Can anyone tell me what this chart is most compatible with? Least compatible with? Can a chart actually tell you what your sexual preference is (in terms of what turns you on)?

    Sun: Gemini

    Moon: Virgo

    Mercury: Cancer

    Venus: Gemini

    Mars: Gemini

    Jupiter: Leo

    Saturn: Aries

    Uranus: Virgo

    Neptune: Scorpio

    Pluto: Virgo

    Lilith: Taurus (what is this?)

    Asc node: Aries (what is this?)

    Ascendant: Gemini

  • Oh yeah, I also have the aspects if they are needed...

  • Were is the Aquarius?

  • Looks like the 9th house and Midheaven, whatever that means? I wonder if this is a typo though, is it possible to have the same sign over TWO houses? They've got Leo on both 3rd and 4th houses on this chart and Aquarius on the 9th and 10th houses. It looks like they've skipped over Virgo and Pisces entirely in terms of houses.

    They've got Gemini first house (ascendant), Cancer 2nd, Leo 3rd and 4th, Libra 5th, Scorpio 6th, Sag 7th, Cap 8th, Aquarious 9th and 10th, Aries 11th, and Taurus 12th.

  • Jen7 wish I knew what the houses mean, hopefully someone will come alomg with more insight.

  • These are intercepted signs; a sign that is enclosed in a house, therefore they don’t appear at the beginning of any house, and of course the opposing sign will also be intercepted. These indicate blockages, in other words the qualities of these two signs have difficulty being expressed. Duplicated signs are on the cusp of 2 houses. These signs are doing double duty and have increased importance because they have to cover more territory.

    Lilith the asteroid represents the dark or mysterious emotional self. In a woman’s chart it represents the power of the original woman (reputedly Adam’s 1st wife, before Eve) who refused to be under control to a man’s desires. Her emotions are hidden and secret and in a chart it would indicate what the person is most secretive about. In a man’s chart it indicates the hidden power struggles he might have with the women in his life. I think...I haven't look at Lilith in depth.

    The ascendant node or North Node indicates what qualities one must aspire to and the experiences that need to be developed in order to reach spiritual growth. The opposing point, the South Node is what one is comfortable with and what comes naturally to us. To reach spiritual fulfillment one must push away from the SN and develop the NN, otherwise we may have difficulty feeling that we have succeeded in life.

    The midheaven (MC) is your most public self and relates to how you project yourself in business and career. The Imum Coeli (IC) which is the opposite point to the MC, is your most private self, the area of greatest intimacy and greatest vulnerability.

    There are way too many factors that come into play to say that any one person would be specifically compatible with another on a general level. Basically, the 3rd (communication), 7th (relationship) and 11th (friendship) are relationship houses, but you could also consider the 1st (self), 5th (pleasure) and 8th (s-x). The descendant (cusp of the 7th) would indicate the type of energy (not sign) one seeks in a more intimate relationship. The ascendant, the outer mask also comes into play and then there are asteroids and it goes on and on. You need to look at the individuals’ aspects and the synastry aspects which would show the potential. And of course other things come into the picture such as upbringing, environmental, cultural, religious and economical differences etc…

    Sorry, but there isn’t a simple answer to what a chart is most compatible with.

  • Wow Aqua, thanks! Do you do readings? I can look stuff up in books and on the internet, but I have a hard time putting it all together, since some of the information contradicts itself. Plus, some of it I simply don't understand. All I know is that it's kind of discouraging to see all the things in black and white that you always kind of knew but didn't want to admit to. 😞 I was trying to go through this chart and thought whoa, I'm really a bad person. I feel like it should cut to the chase and say, "You have no soul and should stay away from people, ALL people; becoming a sniper is your best option." Lots of squares and bad stuff in this chart. I feel so sorry for my husband.

  • Now Jen7 you can contol your feelings,don't give your husband a hard time.LOL.........Jen7 what is your sign. I am Aquarius.

  • Not yet. I don’t feel comfortable enough with what I know to do full readings; there is so much to learn (I know where this comes from lol). Don’t look at stressful aspects as being “bad”. Stressful aspects can actually be action aspects and can motivate you to change things, whereas soft aspects such as trines can be very lazy because they come more easily. Always consider the orbs when looking at aspects. If the orb is tight it might be a more obvious trait, if it’s wide then they might not come into play as often and would only be triggered by someone or something. Your trigger aspect is your tightest square and would indicate your trademark behaviour. If you are lacking in squares (and it sounds like you don’t), then you would look at the tightest opposition. Some people would not feel comfortable with some of your stressful aspects, and others such as your husband are obviously quite comfortable with them, otherwise he wouldn’t be your husband. That's another reason relationship analysis is complex.

  • Jen7 Your compatibility signs are in your same element. Your Air, Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. But that's not to say I would pick any of them to be my lover. I do have signs that I won't even consider because of my experiences with them and not even in a love interest, just everyday actions that has shown I want nothing to do with them. I have heard that air fans fire. Those would be Aries, Leo and Sag. And at least one of those is off my list. But don't give up there is someone for all of us even if its only for a short time. Take the time to learn from them and if or when it ends look at what you learn even if its the smallest thing. I had one that all I could say at the time, I learned how to make fried rice. lol Good luck in love.

  • LibrasLair I agree with you 100%. Those that is in the same element are the ones that's most compatible. I have 2 brother that are Libra's and we get along so well those are my sweet hearts. I also have a brother that is a Gemini we would get along well but he woulf flip the scrape on me. He's special and different.LOL............But it's like we share a special thing between, speaking of the LIBRA and GEMINI. All I can say is that those Gemini are a tripp. LORD,LORD but can be nice at times. Their special, I can even say that Gemini's are jealous.

  • LibraLair, sorry but I am an Aquarius.

  • Aqua, when you talk about tightness of orbs, what numbers are we looking at? It gives me an orb number and a value, for example, Sun square Moon, orb 4.04, value -61. Is it the orb or the value I'm looking at, and what do the numbers mean, in other words, does a higher or lower number show me there is more influence?

    Worthy, not only am I a Gemini but my ascendant is also Gemini, and my Moon is in Virgo! Yikes! How much more critical can I be???

    I know it's complex but I am curious about the compatibility thing. I'm a double Gemini yet I married a Cancer (rising sign Pisces if the chart is correct.) Why?

    In the last few years I've increasingly wondered what the heck we are doing together when we really don't have that much in common. We do well together in money matters, and he's BRILLIANTLY intelligent -- I mean, genius intelligent, and I love that -- but his moodiness, neurotic behavior, hangups about his past, insecurity, and the TESTING, among many other things, drives me nuts. We've been married for nearly 12 years and we rarely out-and-out fight, but it isn't fulfilling, either. I feel like I'm suffocating under a wet blanket a lot of the time.

    On the other hand, I'm not perfect. Like I said, looking at this chart -- whew -- I have a lot to work on and a lot to keep under wraps!

  • Are you looking at natal or synastry? The orbs vary depending on what aspects you’re looking at. For instance, I was told to use 6 deg applying and 4 deg separating for squares. A sextile or semi-sextile, to use 4 deg applying and 2 separating. Applying means the faster moving planet is moving towards the slower one, and separating means the 2 planets have already aspected at birth and the faster planet is moving away from the slower one. In synastry, I would use smaller orbs, 2 deg or less to see the strongest influences. Therefore the smaller the orb, the stronger the influence and I don’t know what that value of -61 means. Unless, Sun square Moon, - 4.04 S (4 degree 4 mins) for example if your Sun is at 4 degree Gemini and Moon at 0 deg Virgo separating because the moon is the faster moving body (hopefully I got that right). You need to look at the orbs, the element qualities, the houses and the planets involved.

    I did notice all your Mercurian planets; Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Asc. Yikes is right (lol, jk). So depending on the degrees of each planet you have a stellium of Sun, Venus and Mars in the 1st and Gemini’s (and Virgo’s) ruler Mercury is in the 2nd? The 2nd house focuses on money and possessions. Does your job involve communication? So, even though you might not feel all that compatible, financial security could be very important to you. You may not feel that right now if you are physically comfortable, but if you take that away would it then become a priority again? You said that you do well together in money matters; perhaps this is what attracted you to him? Your moon is in Virgo, in an intercepted sign in your case, so you are probably having a hard time finding an outlet for your emotions. It may benefit you to look for a creative way to release them.

  • worthy1248 I know we air signs get along pretty well as friends. But of the 3 I think Gemini is the materialistic one so you and I are fine with what we have as long as it works and are more about helping others. At least that's what I have found with my airy friends. I wish I had more to add for Jen7 that would be of help. I think maybe just working on yourself is what would help rather than trying to work this out for a cancer. They do pull back into there shells when things get too hairy. But they do come back out. The two signs both like to be on the go so think about what you first were attracted to and try working on getting back there. And talk to each other. You can't work on it if you don't let each other know how you feel and it takes two to make or break a relationship. Good luck.

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