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    @black-hatter-w Thank you! I understand that things will not change immediatly. But it is good to know that I will get better eventually. I'm not incapacitated and lead a normal life but there are still things that bother me because I don't know if they have a physical cause or not. But I will investigate everything further and see other doctors just to be sure.

    Could you do a general reading about the rest of the year for me? Be free to refuse and take your time. Thank you again!

    Dear alenabrz,
    Sorry for my long silence once again!
    For your general reading for your future:
    Lover/ 3 of swords/ Temperance: I think there will be a short upsetting moment for your life. While I cannot articulate what event it will be, I am sure that you will receive a lot of caring from different people, especially those who are close to you. Therefore, you can in fact tackle this small storm very well! The only thing you need is patience to recover from the small upheaval and everything will be alright.
    Overall, I would regard your reading as a positive one. Just relax and take your time to enjoy the accompany!
    Bless you and I wish you a very prosperous future!

  • Hi @Black-Hatter-W , I believe that both readings you did for me ask me to be resilient and patient, I will try my best. Thank you, it was very helpful!

  • Hi @Black-Hatter-W Please give me a reading. Could you please help me? !!

    I just need some help regarding my love life. I am a Cancerian woman and my husband is a Taurus. We are going through a lot lately. Like lot of stress regarding buying a new house ,changing his job etc. This has taken a toll on our sex and intimate life. Its becoz of him we are not doing it. His health issues and stress are a factor also. I am getting frustrated day by day. What's going on? I can't really understand. I want intimacy but he is not giving it.
    He was not like that before,It all started after buying a new house and his job change. Other wise he is a very affectionate person.
    We are looking forward to have children in future.
    Will this situation ever change? Will I be happy with him? Will our intimacy improve?
    When shall I become a mother?

    My D.O.B- 22 / 7 / 1984
    My husband's D.O.B- 30 / 4 / 81