Breaking bad habits...

  • As an Aries, I have a horrible habit of... for lack of a better phrase... forgetting about you.

    When it comes to texting, don't even bother. I hate seeing that little red notification on my phone, so I'll view the message, text, tweet, whatever it is, then think "I'll respond to that in a minute" and then absolutely forget about it.

    I'm constantly coming across as rude and flaky, when in fact I didn't even read what it is I'm supposed to be responding to. I've actively tried to break this habit and so far... no luck! Thankfully, I have wonderful, patient friends and family who know this about me and will call me if it's truly important.

    There are some tips to break your habit by sign... The suggestion for Aries is to take care of a plant, animal, or human to help break selfish habits. I've had my kitty cat for 4 years now, but she's quite the independent lady. Perhaps working on my green thumb will help turn my bad habits around.

    What are some of your bad habits? How do you break them?

  • I think my worst habit is being judgmental - I keep reminding myself to observe others fairly and objectively, without adding in an emotion or disapproval.

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