Mercury is in Virgo!

  • Mercury is entering Virgo today... and we're all going to benefit from it! There is no better place for the planet Mercury to be than in the sign of Virgo. Not only is Virgo one of Mercury's two home signs, meaning its energy works very well here, but Mercury is also exalted in Virgo, meaning its energy works BEST here!

    I'm so excited about this! I don't know about you guys, but I could definitely use a little extra brain power. When the planet of thought and communication is firing on all cylinders in the sign of perfection... it's time to get sh*t done!

    Summer's been full of fun activities and vacations, but as the days get shorter and chillier (here in Portland), I like to go into new project mode. And with this brilliant transit to support me, I can't wait to see what kinds of stuff I can get done.

    Born with my Mercury in Aries, I'm normally very gung-ho to start new projects, but I'm not always the best at seeing them through. So, with this extra energy pushing me along, I'll finally be able to finish my to-do list.

    Read about Mercury in Virgo here... What plans do you have while Mercury is in Virgo? How might your natal Mercury position help or hurt your productivity?

  • i know many virgos who are really down to earth, sweet and they are really helpful. They are always there when ever you need them. You can rely on them when the world is against you.

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