• Hey all, so I been with this man for a year now, I left my husband for him, he still lived with his wife but they was not together, I no That for sure. I struggle to find out how he feel about me, he say he loves me but only when we had a drink really, I tell him every day how I feel, I think it is important. He get on ok with his ex wife, and I’ve met his kids and stuff, so I no I’m not a secret as such, thing is, I found a txt on his phone, to his ex wife, after we he had a altercation with his older son, saying I love you both so much and hope u ok,, talking about his youngest boy and her, it’s ripped my stomach inside out, am I over reacting, I just feel I struggle to get any affection, but he can easily tell his ex wife he loves her so much, but tell me he not bothered what she does but he always be there to help her, which I dnt mind, I dnt no, I’m struggling with all this, he is 15 years older than me x

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  • You cannot expect him to stop loving his ex-wife and kids, with whom he has had a long connection. If you are feeling unloved by this man, you need to talk out your relationship with him and get it on a firmer footing. Unless you fear that things are so weak and temporary that just talking about the relationship will break it?

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