Past Lives Do You Remember?

  • Hi everyone I would like to share with you some of my experiences, I dream vividly and some of my dreams I can remember are clearly my old lives.I'd like to share with you what I've seen, and if you experiences these things please post.

    I remember 4 of my past lives becausethey came to me pretty clearly.Although I cannot pin point te exact place and time, I can come pretty close. One I have dreamed abou is being a male in what I thought was ancient Mexico in ajungle laying stones on the ground like trying to build a road.

    Another I vaugely remember was being a native woman from an island owned by Spain, I was in a fortress on the ocean I was a cook and I wore early 1800's dress.In this particular dream I was fighting with my husband (in that life) and pushed him into a pot near a fire (he wasn't hurt).

    Another was when my sister,my father (who are preasent in my current life, in the exact same rolls) we were all together enjoying a day at the beach.I was about 5 and I was Asian or part Asian and it was the 1940's.My sister and I were playing by the beach diggin' in the sand, my father was sitting reading a paper and we noticed the water kept creeping farther back.I looked up and we were taken under by a wave.I have to mention my sister and I have had the exact same dream I'm guessing it was.

    The worst most vivid life I remember, which at times still brings me to tears impacted me for weeks after I had it.By the way all these past lives were dreams in sequence. I was a Russian male soldier in about 1935 assigned to look after a foreign person who was in allot of trouble.Apparently this person was tricky and no one trusted him to be alone so I spent my time keeping an eye on him in his cell.He couldn't be around the others for whatever reason.Every cell was cold and bleak, they each had a brick taken out of every wall.The room next to mine was filled with elderly peasents.The bars were wide, and I would frequently joke with the guards on top of the walls around the prison because I thought we were friends.I got a knock on the door and I was told I had to see somebody, apparently I'd talk to much to the "foreign guy" that they didn't trust me.So when my back was turned I was grabbed and drug down stone steps I felt each step in my dream.I was drug into a court yard put on my knees and shot in the head, at this point I seen the people I talked to, who killed me in and out.I kept screaming because I wanted to know why the my eyelids were sticking together, and I knew it was blood, the whole murder felt like it was forever but I was gone quickly.I also knew in the dream that something wasn't right and I didn't fully trust anyone.That dream was the most traumatizing experience I have ever had, I couldn't snap out of it for quite sometime.

  • The "I'm guessing part " I was thinking it was Hilo Hawaii. I was an adult when I had the dream but my sister and I were young children playing on the beach.

    I find it amazing that I have a connection to each one of these lives, and they have been preasent in this life.

    As a child I had a crazy imagination and I always said I was gonna grow up to be a soldier,not only have I been in the US Army but before that I tried out to be a police officer, thanks to my Russian life.

    I love the ocean, tropical Islands and the jungle places I've always wanted to see before I died, Chichenitza Mexico, every South Pacific Island and the Spanish fortress in San Juan.

  • Yepp, I have memories from past lives. I remember a lot from my previous life, and one small piece from a life before that.

    Or - - it could be just my imagination. But it feels real and it feels true. So I at least learn from what I "remember", even if I have only got it from my mind. Some use it must have to me, wherever it comes from. In fact it is not important if it is true or not. What is important is that I learn from my memories. I have learned from what I feel I remember from previous lives.

  • I had someone read my past lives. It doesn't have to be done through hypnotism apparently so I didn't have to actually live it again. Past lives can be acquired through Akashic Records. I think it was Sylvia Browne that mentioned this. i could be wrong because I have read too many books I might missed it. but it was a famous spiritual person that wrote about it.

    I had physical pain and traumatic memories from the past lives that affected my relationship with family and certain group of ethnic and religion. I was told to say affirmative words that will re-program my brain in a way that memories of past lives won't affect me in the present anymore. It worked after a few years for some of them, I have to continue until all of them are re programmed.

    I am always fond of Egypt and apparently one the best lifetimes I've ever had was there. I have trouble breathing when travelling in mountaneous area, apparently one of the most tragic things in my life happened in the mountains. Certain religion I always have fear with, and I never belong to this religion or know anyone sadistic of this religion. But it happened because I during the time this religion was introduced to my tribe, I was one of the victims from the time I was teenager to adulthood. So I carried this fear to my present lifetime. Not anymore thanks to the affirmations I keep saying.

    People used to laugh at me if I said this. They were like 'were you cleopatra or something' I used to ignore them or I would say 'nope, and you were not either'. A particular lifetime was one that I chose not to reprogram myself from. It was a lifetime when I met a spiritual mentor. I chose to keep the memory of this lifetime. through routine yoga and meditation and actively learning about spiritual world, I have found the way to my mentor again. the very first time of my life that I felt not alone anymore and if people call me crazy, well so be it.

    I think what you are experiencing definitely are memories of past lives. But if you want to be sure, you need to contact someone that can reveal them to you. Just be careful with scams out there.

  • THW, what I thought was pretty amazing is even if you did dream these things up,I knew for some reason exactly what I was doing in that life.For example I knew they guy in the cell didn't speak my language, but I knew my language wasn't English.I thought that was very odd, and in normal dreams most people have something riddiculous happen that doesn't fit the scenario, everything in these dreams were in sequence.If you can think back to your first memories of them it can be pretty telling, I really think things you might remember as a small child are the real deal and they get less accurate when you get older and start doubting yourself.My first 2 lives came when I was really small, and I didn't know about the Mayan civilization and the Spanish colonizing Islands in the Carribean at 4 years old, and I identified the woman in the second life as myself even though she was adult and looked very different from me.

    What do you remember about these lives, if you'd like to share them?

  • I think developing your spiritual skills is a wonderful idea, and forget about the nay sayers.Some people have no intrest in the spiritual world while others like us are fascinated I think its there loss, not ours.

    About the scams, its too bad that these people are out there.A large portion of or society doesn't exept the existence of previous lives, psychic abilities and anything spiritual because these people damage the reputation of good reputable people.

    What angers me the most is when people think others are "cooky" or "crazy" because they have knowledge of something they don't understand.I'm glad you found somebody to help you with your journey, and you say you do yoga and meditate? I have never done yoga but I can't keep hearing enough good things about it form everybody, I need to try it.

  • I did more yoga than meditation actually. it's better to do both on the same day I was told so I'm still tryin to achieve that. yoga and meditation are perfect to achieve balance and get in tune to your psyche, thus opens the door to deeper spiritual experiences. doesn't mean we all have to do it though, some people were born with higher degree of psychic ability already so if they do yoga that would be to achieve balance. Due to the volume of spiritual encounters they experience, they will need to learn about protecting themselves. so they certainly need more than yoga. you can try of course, any yoga practice is good to start with. further down the road, you will be more in tune to your psyche and you will know what works and what doesn't.

  • Hi guys

    I accidentally came across a past life while meditating one day. I was trying to get to my "happy place" and opened the wrong "door".

    I was a young girl about six or eight. A rather gruff and grim lady threw me down into a cold dark cellar. The steps were thin, steep, concrete. I had the impression this was my home. The woman didn't realize I had grown tall enough to climb out the window (coal shoot?). But when I got outside a large mean man snatched me up and I was forced into prostitution.

    This actually explains a lot about my attitude towards sex in this life. I began having orgasms when I was about eight. I didn't know what they were then of course, I just knew I liked them. Also I became a very happy hooker when I turned eighteen. I'm guessing I decided that I was going to enjoy sex in this life. I quit "working" about a year ago, as I am now almost 50.

    I had this vision about four years ago - but Like I said, it really explains a lot. Also I have this unusually strange fear of sharks (I live in Colo.) This fear is so intense that I wont even swim in a pool (i am Pisces), so I think I may have been eaten by one at some point.

  • Amazing stories from all of you...I'm really interested in this subject and if you haven't already read his books, I highly recommend the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PHD. He has written several books about past lives and case studies from his own practice.

  • I am not sure why or how I believe in my past life I was a man not a woman like i am in this life also. I sometimes get these flashes of drowning and I am not sure why. Ever since I was a little girl. I would get images of this man sinking further and further away from the surface until it goes black. I would say I was about 5 years old when I first had this image in my mind then I have it again every so often but I have never really understood what it means because I was never aware that past lives existed (things like this are hard to reconcile to what I was raised to believe as a Catholic) but I am thinking this just may be what this memory is

  • JB it does sound like past life to me. if you feel as if you are experiencing it, then it's most likely past life. if you only 'see' it then it could be someone sending you the vibes. like criminal investigator if they are psychic, they can 'see' what the victim 'see'. but that's about it. they are not actually living the moments and they don't have scars that they can't explain.

    here is a website you can check out

    Stony, I have only read a few books about past life by Sylvia Browne and another person I forgot his name but not Newton. thanks for recommending. also here is a link youtube and many more videos on the same page

  • kraz, yes past life creates imprint in our lives. physically and psychologically.

    I can't read them I don't know if what you experienced is a past life

    but you know, and that is enough because our psyche doesn't lie.

    and the way to our psyche is the heart. in any doubt, turn inward and your heart will answer.

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