Do i have the gift?

  • hey i was just wondering if anyone has any input on this. i went thru 3 very stressful times where i was fight or flight for as much as a year off and on the 1st and 3-6 months the other 2 times... i have kinda lost my ability to handle stress now and very fatigued with lots of muscle pain, spasm issues.. i have really been picking up on others feelings and feel i have to do what it takes to fix them. i work in real estate so i get all this stress from them as well. it does help me because i pick up on what they need better but it wears and stresses me out.... .........

    i saw a small child ghost in my house about a yr ago and then it was breathing in my ear u til i couldn take it anymore and went to bed. i also have felt someones age when the topic was brought up and thought about a plane crashing in the spot i was setting and it happened 1 hr later............... is something going on with me? other little things happen like when i get stressed and cant handle clients anymore, i just say no more! and no one calls.wheni feel better i put out the thought i may could take on more and i get calls..... any thoughts to my best action on this? is i anything or something i should persue?????

  • We all have gifts. Every single person on the planet.

    If you pick up other peoples feelings, you should rather learn how to not let them tilt you out of your balance. Other peoples feelings belong to others.

    Perhaps coaching might be good for you? Coaching is a very good way of helping people to find their right potentials, or interests rather, and how to pursue them and reach them.

    I myself do the latihan. That is good for me. I have been receiving the latihan since 1999.

  • Good morning! I just want to know how can you tell if you do have a gift? I can speak in a language from biblical times.

  • Just work on cleansing the soul, and you will learn how to use your gifts aswell. In fact, the gifts will encrease in strength and amount if you follow the right path. Stop focusing on gifts, start cleansing your souls. How to do that? Well, that is a mystery you must solve yourself. By surrendering to God, of course, who is the source of all beings.

  • The gifts,

    From what I understand so far in this physical world we are all born with the gifts,,as innocents, babies ,children and teens we use them until life experiences tend to gradually bury them...Some of grow up in a different light and continue to use our gifts,, while others for whatever reasons may use bits and pieces..

    With the large shift going on in the universe right now many people have been feeling the awakening of their gifts.They are starting to search and question life.This is a good thing as we move forward in this world.

    Many times when one notices they have gifts it is not because they all of a sudden pop up it has been a guiding force in ones life.Ego tends to step into our lives at different stages and also keeps us from expanding ourselves in ways that are beneficial to the higher self.This also slows our development of what we hold deep inside ourselves.

    Much of what your describing Earth,Wind,and Fire is being in an empathic stage .You may be picking up so much of the turmoil in this world right now that it is causing you to feel the way you do.It also comes with an awakening of your inner self that has you more open.When we are not feeling well, emotional, etc souls tend to be able to reach out in many more ways to us..We are all one and connected.We all are energy that comes from the infinite light, god, goddess,creator, etc what ever one chooses to refer to as the big kahuna soul..

    I have always walked the empathic road.I have learned through time how to bath myself with the bright white and gold light that protects me from so absorbing so much from others.I have a friend who is similar who uses a protective bubble.

    We also use alot of crystals and gems that are keep our daily environments clean and positively charged.As an empath I always have black tourmaline,amethyst and smoky quartz with me . Myself I pick up vibrations from the crystals as well. Which are very healing for me.I know many do not believe in crystal working,, for me they not only connect to my inner and higherself but also my physical self .Sometimes the actions of reaching into ones pocket and rubbing a stone that feels good is what the mind needs to convince the body to feel better and less stressed.

    Meditation is a great tool for moving past many of the sensations especially at the end of the day..I have watched my s/o struggle with absorbing others negative and positive energy to the point he was physically affected with a form of adrenal burnout that dropped his life reading down to almost nill.If your noticing the physical aspects I suggest you find a way that your comfortable with to protect yourself from the negative ups and downs your absorbing,,

    About others feelings,energies, as well as inner thoughts When one picks these up it becomes a challenge time to our egos..We know something we should not use it, offer help, hmmmmmm what to do..This is where we have to find our personal ethics.I do reach out in ways to others when I find myself faced with some of their energies.I follow a strict code of ethics about when where and how.Sometimes I do something that helps their day anonymously.Other times I may open a conversation and suggest a book or just share a life story and learning lesson.Hugs hugs hugs, as well,,At other times I sit back and do nothing.In my world picking up these energies is what allows me to help others.I am very thankful for that.We all do this in a sense when we look at someone and feel compassion, love, even empathy because we can feel what they are going through..You have to find your understanding with in yourself , set up your standard of ethics and adhere to it..I hope this can offer some other ways of looking at the wonderful new ways your opening up and experiencing the light and love.



  • thanks everyone...the reason im asking is i seem to be at a crossroads of some point. both my business have slowed to a crawl at best. and i am questioning my relationship of 30 yrs.. all this started about 2 years ago. things jut dont feel right all the way around. my body is acting up as well with lots of muscle pain .. is this related to the things im picking up?

  • Yeah, muscle pain often comes because of emotional stress. Work and conflicts with other people affects the head, the brain, the stress makes the body use the muscles in a different matter. I once helped a person with emotional problems who also had pain in her muscles. Every time I walked out from there, she used to be free from pain and it kept like that for about 24 hours. Then, because of thinking too much, her pain came back. I never did anything, I just listened to her talking, and somehow it released her pain for some time.

  • thanks so much for your time all. i will be seeking ways to put up the bubble or white light so i can heal a little. my adreanals have been shot for a while, they stopped working almost at one

    point a few yrs ago. i did a cortisol test and my highest peak was at the bottom of the chart !

    they put me on steroids for a few months and told me to stay away from stress and change my life to a less stressful one. its been a challange for my wife to not stress me, she went thru a lot of stuff with 2 bouts of cancer since 02 and doesnt remember things well like not to stress me out lol. she really dont remember! i guess i should put up reminders around the house, maybe in a way that she will not over react but get the hint. my wife has some abilities but doesnt really know it. i have know her to pick up on things before but not others feelings. i guess its the pices in her . thanks all so much, i will be refering back to these responses from time to time while im finding my way.

  • EWF. To cleanse the soul is a long process. And important. The awakening of the soul is what we all seek. A healed soul is filled with a divine peace, a state of feeling that is far above the thinking. It is important to seek, it is important. I wish you the peace that you seek. I wish you to become healed. Let me surrender your soul to God. Let me surrender your mind to God. Let me give your soul and your life to God. And I beg you to believe. I beg you to believe. And that you are faithfull to what you are seeking. Stay faithful to what you are seeking, and do not give up. But it is not by your will that you can become healed. It is by surrendering your will to the healing that you must become healed. And that is possible when you have received the Awakening of your soul. So pray to receive the Awakening of your soul. The true awakening. Surrender your soul, your life, your body and mind fully to God. And trust what then happens. Even if what you feel is painful, have faith. Because the pain comes from your soul, not from God. Believe that God can heal you, and open up for it. Open up for it completely to the light.

    How to know the difference between the light and the other stuff? If you truly pray to God to receive the true healing of your soul, and if you then trust that it comes from the Allmighty, then that must be true. Because the light answers our prayers when we believe with our body, mind and soul. So excercise your faith in your everyday life. It is a process.

    Pray to receive the awakening of your soul. If you need "help", then ask religious people to help you with it. Anywhere that you feel is right for you. But the most important thing is that you feel total trust in the Allmighty Our Healer.

    I joined Subud. I can promice you that the latihan has healed me. The latihan is to me an excercise in surrendering everything to The Allmighty. But you must first be fully aware that this is not a "joke" or something. It is the real thing.

  • thanks hanged women, thats an interesting name, is that a card?

  • The hanged woman is the female equivalent of the hanged man. The hanged man is a symbol of what altruism is really about. Altruism is to do what you dont want for the greater good. Altruism is about giving away even ones own will to the healing power, because the Healer knows best. Altruism is about being hanged for something one has not done and accepting the blame for the greatest good. Because it serves healing. And at the same time in doing that one self also become healed. The most wellknown altruistic behaviour is that of Jesus Christ. He himself also benefited on it. He became healed into an even higher spiritual level than he already was. He was risen up from the dead and all of humanity was placed below his feet. He became lord over the human beings. This is that he became healed into an even higher level above the human level. Above the human souls contienceness level. So that is why the hanged man is doing this. For his own healings sake and because it is the best for everybody else aswell. Anybody who follow his example will too become healed. To follow Christ is to surrender ones will totally to the Creator in total trust in Him.

    Yepp, the hanged man is a tarot card.

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